Florida man on probation for donkey sex back in jail

Where are they now segment:                                                                                                                Carlos Romero, a 32 year-old man from Ocala, Florida.

You may remember Carlos Romero’s recent run in with the law last year when he was charged with misdemeanor sexual activity with an animal when he was caught having sex with his charming miniature donkey Doodle. Mr. Romero, a proud zoophiliac, admitted to the charges and told police he has been having sexual contact with horses since he was 18-years-old. When asked about his attraction toward Doodle he responded that he “likes the way her fur feels on his privates.”  While in court Mr. Romero demanded that he get Doodle back and that he paid $500 for her through a russian mail-order bride service, unfortunately his request was denied and Mr. Romero was put on a year of probation. Doodle was put in protected animal custody and is going through a thorough psychological evaluation.

Where are they now?

Carlos Romero is now living in the woods in a pick-up truck in rural Ocala, Florida, and has just been recently arrested and charged with criminal mischief and grand theft for allegedly stealing train batteries and attempting to pawn them. It’s not official, but some local people believe he is trying to raise money and get rich so he can Great Gatsby Doodle back.

Doodle was adopted by a nice affluent family and is being raised on a big estate in Long Island, New York.



Full Story: NBC Miami

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