Naked maniac poops, masturbates, dodges bullets, and thrashes a couple’s home

I thought it was once in a lifetime that I would hear about a story regarding someone busting into a home to then thrash it and then defecate on the floor (refer to the story a few weeks ago here). Unfortunately, I was wrong and it happened again, and this time around the stakes were raised—insofar as, I will take your house thrashing, assault, and pooping, and raise you a naked man, masturbation, taser, and gun fire. And of course it’s also in Florida.

imagine this guy naked and going ape SH#T!

imagine this guy naked and going ape SH#T!

Around 7pm, Tony and LaDonna Land heard a loud banging coming from their roof. The Land’s quickly went outside to investigate the ruckus and discovered a naked man dancing on the top of their house. Upon discovery, the naked man, Gregory Mathew Bruni, jumped off the roof onto Tony Land knocking him down. Bruni then proceeded to run into their house, pull their giant 72-inch TV off the wall and knock over the vacuum. Fearing for their life, LaDonna Land grabbed her gun and fired three shots at Bruni while he continued to thrash the house. Bruni magically dodge all the bullets, and then decided to start masturbating on the living room floor. After he finished, Bruni ran into the Land’s son’s bedroom grab some clothes and rubbed them all over his face and probably his wang. At this point, the Lands had already given up, and decided to make popcorn and cozy up on the couch and watch The Bruni Show. Bruni then decided to defecate a few times, and then to top it off, finished with drinking the liquid out of the spilt vacuum. When the Lee County Sheriff’s arrived on the scene Bruni was flailing about on the floor speaking some language not yet discovered, and was tased as he tried to flee the scene. Bruni was charged with criminal mischief, battery, occupied burglary and resisting arrest without violence. No one knows what kind of drug Bruni was on, but it sounds like it was a real mind blower.

News Link: WTSP

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