Texas man poses as gunman to test his kid’s school security

In the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting, multiple public shootings, and countless gun law controversies, a 44-year-old Texas man that goes by the name Ronald Miller, came up with the most ingenious plan ever conjured by a human being. Ronald Miller thought it would be cool to approach a greeter at his kid’s elementary school, tell the greeter that he has a gun and say, “you’re dead,” and that his real target is inside. Mr. Miller wasn’t really going to shoot up the school, and didn’t intend to make the greeter pee their pants, and wasn’t even really carrying a gun, rather he was trying to make a point and that point was that our kids aren’t safe at school and anybody can walk in to a school and shoot it up. ¬†Well no shit! Mr. Miller really proved his point. Who would have thought? Unfortunately, Celina Elementary and local police didn’t appreciate the test and Miller was charged with third-degree felony terroristic threats.

Ronald Miller

Ronald Miller

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