Bikini Baristas Gone Wild

grabngoIf you are in the market for that perfect soy carmel machiato latte, an almond biscotti, and a live strip show I would recommend heading to the Grab-N-Go coffee stand in Everett, Washington, (ask for Destiny). However, I would consider waiting a few weeks or months–you want to give it enough time for the dust to settle from the recent arrests of three Grab-N-Go bikini coffee employees for allegedly getting naked for dollars. After two months of undercover surveillance which involved consuming a shit load of coffee and scones, staring at girls in bikinis all day, and producing thirty girls gone wild videos (barista edition), Everett police decided to make an arrest.  According to investigators thorough notes, “the breast-baring baristas wouldn’t sell coffee at all, and only be paid for showing skin.”

But why two months? How much surveillance and girls gone wild footage do you need to make a bust? No comment, but I like to say, as Everest Police spokesman, “We arrested the participants in the act. ”

Interestingly, this isn’t the first time that the owners of the busty barista stand have been involved in an investigation.  In 2009, the Wheeler family’s chain of coffee stands were in the center of a prostitution investigation that involved baristas allegedly offering sex at the coffee stands. Bill Wheeler, owner at time, mysteriously vanished in 2010 and has been missing every since. Coincidence? Who knows?

After his disappearance Bill Wheeler Jr. took over the coffee stands and now holds the reins of the family business. Wheeler Jr told reporters that he enforces strict policies for his baristas to abide. Such as no flashing, no drug use, no personal visitors, and dress in accordance with appropriate bikini dress code. Wheeler Jr went on to say, “Their crotch has to be covered up. They can’t expose their areoles.” And “if any girls break our policies and procedures, if they do anything of that nature, then they’re terminated on the spot.” Wink, wink.

The three baristas that were arrested, were questioned, and then released pending potential charges of violating the city’s “Adult Cabaret Law.”  In addition, the police will be continuing their investigation and will be producing at least three more girl gone wild films.

More of the story: Huff Post


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