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Florida woman beats up boyfriend after bad sex

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Jennie Scott

Jennie Scott

Jennie Scott, a 50-year-old woman from Palmetto, Florida, got a little rough and rowdy in the bedroom with Jilberto Deleon, her 32-year-old beau, after he stopped pleasuring her just shy of climax. The two were engaged in a heavy mutual oral sex session when Deleon finished first and abruptly stopped doing his mutual duties, which provoked an argument between the two and escalated into Jennie punching and scratching Deleon and later whacking him with a stick and threatening him with a pipe wrench. Luckily for Deleon, the neighbors were watching the two get it on, and after witnessing the punching, scratching, and stick whacking, they declared it an oral sex session gone wrong and notified the police.

The presence of the police didn’t calm Jennie, she demanded justice and an orgasm. She told police that they, “were giving each other oral pleasure,” when Deleon, “finished first and stopped pleasuring her,” and she, “became upset and they began arguing.” Police determined that Jennie was heavily intoxicated and on the verge of climax. She was charged with misdemeanor battery and booked into Manatee County Jail.

Just another typical oral sex gone bad situation.

Here is a similar story, and coincidentally, also from Manatee county Florida: Florida News

News Link: UPI News


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