Drunk Asian man cuts off own penis during a heated argument with girlfriend

taiwan flagIn International News: A drunk 46-year-old man from Jilong, Taiwan, dismembered his penis with a pair of kitchen shears during a heated argument with his girlfriend. The drunk man (refer to as Terry) was then  rushed to the hospital to which he briefly slipped in to a coma, due to mass blood loss, but survived the incidence sans a penis.

According to reports, Terry likes to party, and on the day of the incident Terry was out boozing up from early afternoon to well in to the evening. His actual whereabouts are unknown, all that is known is that he was out drinking for a long period of time. Upon stumbling home wasted, Terry was welcomed home by his girlfriend Tina, which quickly led to a heated argument. According to a neighbor, “Terry had that drunkard walk coming down the hall and had trouble getting in the door. I heard the keys drop four times. Then I just heard two voices yelling at each other.”

The girlfriend, Tina, told police that she confronted Terry when he came home and accused him of cheating on her. “He came home all drunk with that smug look on his face, smelling of booze and cheap perfume, and I just told him he is a sick, pathetic, drunk old man.” Terry retorted with his own accusations, and a heated back-and-forth yelling battled ensued. Tina went on to say,” It got pretty heated, I was crying, and then I told him ‘I hope all the whores of Taiwan get a piece of his tiny wang. You call yourself a man. You a tiny man with a tiny wang!’ and then he went berserk.”

Terry didn’t like the comment regarding his small penis, in fact, it propelled Terry into a psycho black-out rage. Terry abruptly ripped his pants off and pointed at his penis yelling, “You think this small? You think this small?” over and over again. He then ran to the kitchen, grabbed a pair of shears, made his way to the bathroom, and it was there that Terry cut off his penis and then made several attempts to flush it down the toilet, which in the end, was successful. Tina told police, “It happened so fast. He came out of the bathroom with blood spurting out of where is penis used to be and was yelling, ‘Now it small, now it small, was not small before, now small!’ He then fell to the ground.” Terry was then rushed to the hospital. Unfortunately for Terry, doctors couldn’t reattached his penis because Terry flushed it down the toilet. The doctors reported that Terry will recover from the incident and should have no issues urinating in the future, however, Terry will more-than-likely never have intercourse again, and is stuck with a 3cm penis, 1.18 inches to me and you.

No charges have been filed and no word regarding the status of Terry and Tina’s relationship. This is truly an odd crime against oneself.

Full Story from Taiwanese site (english) : Rocket News 24

*dramatization based on true events.


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