Oregon’s notorious ‘Tri-Met Barber’ busted for ejaculating on heads of bus passengers

"I have a thing for hair. Don't judge me."

“I have a thing for hair. Don’t judge me.”

Jared Weston Walter, also known as the “Tri-Met Barber” was arrested for allegedly beating off into the hair of at least three women while riding a bus. This isn’t the first time Walter has been involved in an odd crime while riding Portland’s mass transit, known as Tri-Met. Walter made headlines back in 2010 for cutting off the hair of multiple Tri-Met bus passengers as well as rubbing super glue on their heads. For this reason, Walter’s was appropriately named the “Tri-Met Barber”. He was convicted and sentenced to 13 months in prison and two years of parole.

Apparently, Walter was recently paroled and wasted no time hopping back on the bus to unload 13 months of build-up on a few innocent heads of hair. Unfortunately for Walter, one Portland woman didn’t appreciate the extra natural product blasted on her hair at 7am while riding the bus to work, consequently reporting the incidence to police. Two other victims stepped forward after hearing about the story, admitting that they didn’t realize the extra pizzazz in their hair was semen from a stranger, instead they just thought they were having a real good hair day.  Walter has been charged with sex abuse, harassment, disorderly conduct, public indecency and interfering with public transportation.

Police believe there could be more victims. If you live in the Portland, Oregon area, and ride Tri-Met bus lines 31, 33, or 99, and have noticed a man jerking off behind you while riding the bus, as well as noticing your hair exhibiting unprecedented shine and bounce, you might want to get it checked out.

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