South Korean substitute teacher punishes students by pulling down his pants and pleasuring himself


Mr. Terri is really going for it

In Asian News, a 55-year-old South Korean substitute teacher is arrested for allegedly pulling down his pants and masturbating in front of a classroom full of students. The name of the man has not been released, but we will refer to him as Mr. Terri. According to witnesses, Mr. Terri became upset after a student refused to remove his earphones while class was in session. As a result, Mr. Terri began violently beating the student while yelling Korean obscenities. Frightened and shocked from the violent outburst of their substitute teacher the students rushed out of the room. Mr. Terri then followed the herd of students in the hallway with his pants down and began stroking his wang in somewhat violent fashion. All of this of course was captured on video.

The local police psych unit determined, after thorough asian testing, that Mr. Terri doesn’t appear to have any mental problems. Apparently,  in South Korea it is normal to punish your students by severely beating them and by beating off in front of them. Good to know.


If you are in to Korean News: Donga


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