Detroit man caught romancing pit bull, incident recorded by high school students, suspect attacks cop, cop passes out, and a random stolen car. Déjà vu or just a familiar feeling?

You like me, you really like me!

You like me, you really like me!

Another day, another man seducing a pit bull. A few days ago it was in Chicago when a man touring a city pound was caught seducing the often misunderstood robust dog. Today, it’s a Detroit, Michigan man (name unreleased, but we will refer to him as Ray) making headlines for being caught having sex with a pit bull on a side of a vacant house by a couple of students on their way to school.


It was just an average Tuesday morning walk to school for a group of Denby High students before they encountered a naked man having intercourse with a pit bull. “We were all just walking down Kelly street, just like every morning, I was updating my Facebook  and checking out my Bang With Friends status on my iPhone, other dudes were doing the same, when I heard an odd grunting noise from the side of one those empty houses on Kelly and Springdale. We went around the house and saw some crazy dirty looking dude that was naked doing this pit bull, it was cray cray!” One the students told police.

He went on, “We all had our phones out so we started shooting the guy going at it with the dog. I thought for sure this would be Youtube or Imgur gold. This is serious WTF  and NSFW stuff. I mean I need to up my Reddit karma points.” However, one of the students felt bad for the dog and made the decision to show the footage of the incident to a school official, who then notified police. He said, “I felt bad for the dog, I have a dog and I wouldn’t want him to be treated that way, it felt like a crime was being committed, plus I figured we could upload the footage after we showed the police.”

When police arrived at the scene Ray was sitting naked on the ground with the dog to his side smoking a Pall Mall, savoring the afterglow. Police confronted Ray provoking him to rush one of the female officers at the scene which lead to a little scuffle and fail situation for the naked man. Ray sustained injuries to his head and was sent to the local hospital for a thorough evaluation, more than likely a physical and mental evaluation.  According to the Ray’s brother, Ray has drug issues and mental issues, and it’s safe to say at this point, a thing for dogs, buff dogs.

No information regarding official charges, and no word on the condition and whereabouts of the pit bull.

Fun Facts: the female officer involved in the scuffle and take down of Ray later collapsed due to exhaustion. Apparently, after exceeding a 12-hour shift in the Detroit Police Department you automatically pass out. Detroit needs more cops. Also, a stolen car with a broken window and New Jersey plates was found at the scene, and might have been Ray’s get away car.

Full Story with some facts: WXYZ DETROIT

Check Reddit for video footage.

Chicago man story: Chitown man busted for romancing pit pull while touring city pound

*story slightly dramatize


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