Delaware man arrested for allegedly throwing his bodily fluid at woman in Wal-Mart

delware_shortEverybody’s got a thing. For 22-year-old Frank Short of New Castle, Delaware, his thing is to fling semen on women that he deems attractive. Last Tuesday, Short was arrested for allegedly flinging his white goop on a 20-year-old woman while shopping at Walmart. This isn’t the first time sperm flinging has made the news, a few months ago the notorious “Tri-Met Barber” was arrested for wiping his baby batter on a woman’s head, and possibly others, while riding public transportation in Portland, Oregon.

So what is the deal with marking women with semen in public places? Is this a new thing that is on the brink of trending, or has this always been a thing, but somehow remained under the radar?

Luckily for us, Frank Short answered a series of questions that may shed some light on this mysterious fetish.

Q: Why do you fling sperm on women that you do not know?

A: I get a thrill out of man. It gets me going.

Q: How long have you been doing this?

A: For about 10 years. I did it a lot in high school.

Q: Was this something you just started doing or did some one teach you?

A: I think I saw it in a movie or something. I don’t know. (Laugh) I just started doing it. And I like it.

Q: How do you pick your victims?

A: I wouldn’t call them victims, bro. I don’t know. I see a girl that is really hot and I just want to mark her with my stuff. You know like a dog pees on a fire hydrant or something. It’s my tag.

Q: Do you consider marking a girl with your jizz a fetish?

A: No bro, no fetish. Just marking hot girls with my seed. It’s my thing. It’s how I’m going to get the hotties.

Q: Has wiping your cum on a stranger ever resulted in a date?

A: Not yet. But some day I’m gonna locked down a hottie. It’s all about pheromones and shit. Primitive…human…instincts.

Q: How do you go about wiping your spooge on a woman? Describe your move.

A: First you see, I got to locate a certain type a female, a real hottie. When I find one I kind of follow her around. I do my thing. I got talent, I finish quickly. I usually walk up to them rather close and say, “excuse me,” and then I wipe their back, butt, and thighs with my seed as I slowly walk pass them. I stop and watch them react to see if they like it or not. Most don’t even notice.

Q: Has a woman ever reacted positively from being covered with your fluid?

A: No

Q: How did the 20-year-old woman react at Walmart after you made your move?

A: Damn that chick was hot. She went all whack. Got all crazy and followed me around the store freaking out asking me what the hell I put all over her ass and legs. At first she thought I sneezed on her and wiped my snot all over her. I was like “no baby that is my seed.” She didn’t like that. Then she called the cops. Shit mang, I was just trying to get a date. Now I’m in jail. Not cool. Not cool.

Frank short was charged with offensive touching with bodily fluid, harassment, lewdness, and disorderly conduct.

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**Q&A dramatization based on some events.

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