Florida man arrested for having sexual relations with his neighbor’s dog

Florida_lyonsJames Lyon of St. Johns County, Florida,  was arrested for allegedly having sex with his neighbor’s  dog.

According to the neighbor, James abducted one of his dogs and brought it in inside his trailer for a certain amount time. He told authorities, “My two dogs were outside running around, it started to storm so I went to go grab them. I found one, but I couldn’t find the other. I searched everywhere for her and then after a while I seen James carrying my dog out of his trailer.”

The neighbor asked James what he was doing with his dog, “Why are you carry my dog out of your trailer?”

“I found your dog in my shed.” James responded.

“Well why you taking it out of your trailer then?” the Neighbor asked.

“I gave it some food it looked hungry.” James said.

When the neighbor brought the dog back into the house he noticed the dog was acting weird and quickly suspected something was wrong, and the thought that James may have harmed his dog crossed his mind. “My dog just didn’t seem right, she was whimpering and had trouble walking. The first thing I could think was James f#cked with my dog…And I was right.” He told reporters.

Yes he was.

The neighbor took the dog to the veterinarian to be examined. After a thorough examination it was determined that the dog was recently sexually abused. And after some crafty DNA testing it was determined that James Lyon sexually abused the dog.

James was arrested and charged with animal cruelty and sexual activity involving an animal. James Lyon is no stranger to the law and is no stranger to being accused of committing unusual sexual crimes. In fact, in 1998, Mr. Lyons was convicted of attempted sexual battery and sexual act with a child, subsequently serving 13 years in prison. Moral of the story : good fences make good neighbors, and if your neighbor is a convicted sexual predator then real high fences make good neighbors.

Full Story:Jacksonville News

Side note: Florida passed a law in 2011 making it illegal to fornicate with animals.

*slight dramatization


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