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Texas mother rips son’s scrotum and then tries to mend the wound with superglue

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texas_scrot34-year-old San Antonio woman, Jennifer Marie Vargas, was recently arrested for allegedly ripping her 6-year-old son’s scrotum and then trying to repair it with superglue.

Vargas admitted to grabbing her young son’s junk as hard as she could causing a 4-centimeter laceration on her son’s scrotum. She then attempted to clean the wound with alcohol and then applied superglue to patch the hole until it stopped bleeding. She stuffed the boy’s underwear with paper towels and then sent him off to bed.

When her husband arrived home he noticed his son was crying upstairs. When he went upstairs to investigate the issue he noticed his son had blood soaked paper towels stuffed in his underwear.

“Why is our son crying and why does he have bloody paper-towels stuffed in his underoos?” The husband asked.

“There was accident.” Vargas responded.

“What kind of accident?” The husband asked.

“I yanked on his thing a little too hard and ripped his sack, it caused some bleeding.” Vargas responded.

“Why would you do that?”

“I was angry.”

“WTF? Why didn’t you take him to the hospital?”

“I used superglue, he is fine.”

Jennifer Marie Vargas was arrested by the FBI and charged with assault causing serious bodily injury. The boy underwent surgery to repair the damage, and is now in the custody of his father.

Full Story: San Antonio News

**dialogue is dramatization based on true events

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