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Missouri man places Craigslist ad looking for someone to rape and beat his 11-year-old daughter

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missouri_cLThere’s what’s sick and there’s what’s sick and then there’s 32-year-old Missouri man, Anthony Brinkman. Anthony Brinkman was arrested for posting ad on Craigslist in the hopes of finding a stranger to beat and rape his 11-year-old daughter while he watched.

According to an officer investigating the case, Brinkman’s ad soliciting someone to beat and rape his 11-year-old while he watched was picked up by an officer monitoring the internet looking for sexual predators. The undercover officer replied to Brinkman’s Craigslist ad, and the two began to exchange emails. In one of those exchanges Brinkman sent the undercover officer pictures of his daughter as well as links to pics of the 11-year-old the suspect posted online. Brinkman and the undercover officer, which Brinkman presumed was a woman,  agreed to meet at a certain time and location—at a Cracker Barrel in St. Louis, roughly 80 miles from Brinkman’s home.

Brinkman was arrested on the spot by the St. Louis County Police as soon  as he pulled into the local Cracker Barrel. (No word if Chris Hanson was on location). The suspect admitted to placing the ad and also admitted that he may have child pornography at his home.

“Sir, why did you bring your 11-year-old  daughter with you a Cracker Barrel 80 miles away from your address, who were you expecting to meet? Officer asked Brinkman.

“I don’t know, I thought I was meeting a women that was interested in using sex toys on my daughter.” Brinkman responded.

The 32-year-old Missouri man was charged with attempted statutory sodomy, however additional charges against Brinkman are not out the question. The County Prosecutors  are seeking an additional charge of sex trafficking of a minor.

Full Story: KSDK

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**dialogue dramatization based on true events.

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    1. This lowlife that calls himself a father….is NOT a father!!! A father would never put his child in danger like this….ever!!!
      This creep should go to prison for the rest of his life!!
    2. there is alot of sick people out there i thing the need to be put in front of a wall and shot 100 time over and over agine
    3. I agree. He and all like him are the scourge of the earth, have no redeeming qualities, and will ALWAYS re-offend. It most definitely needs to be a capital crime punishable by the death penalty.
    1. LOL…..ya, a black father would have just done it himself! Although there aren’t so many black fathers who actually know who their kids are.
        1. The type of physician I would like to work for is a Pediatrician. Pediatrician’s spectaliy is to work with children. I have been working with children for a long time mainly because I work at a daycare facility. I’ve got to a point where I feel like I can handle anything that will come my way with them. It would also leave me feeling good at the end of the day to know that I have helped in some way to make a child feel better.The type of physician I would not care to work for is a Epidemiologist. Epidemiologist’s specialize in epidemics caused by infections agents and also work with sexually transmitted diseases. I feel if I were to work in this type of spectaliy I would be putting my self at risk of exposure to these infectious agents. Also I would be focusing a lot of my time on trying to not get infected instead of having a steady mind on what I was actually supposed to be doing.
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      2. Actually Barney Rubble, black fathers DO know who their children are. In fact, if you look around many are fathering babies with WHITE WOMEN. Why? Because you all are sick and twisted and must be that way because of the small size of your weenies. Maybe that’s why so many white men are pedophiles…..they need small holes to make them FEEL LIKE A REAL MAN. SMH!
      3. I agree!! BUT its everyone…..doesn’t matter what race you are…there are sickos everywhere. Most black fathers aren’t around and its very hard to get child support. Can’t take support from drug money.
    2. Racist bitch. If you say that about all white people then all blacks are niggers on welfare and don’t know who the father of their kids are.
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          1. Actually, FYI, if you HAD any common sense, you would know that he wrote that way to avoid the FILTERS on this website. Dumbass.

            BTW, in Missouri, the MAJORITY of welfare recipients are white women! Oh but I’ve actually seen white men, too! It’s always white men hanging on street corners BEGGIN for money. Welfare was created for WHITE PEOPLE following the Great Depression.

        1. Wow how do ya’ll read this get in ya”ll feelings and start bashing the next motha fucker?? The one who did it picture is above. So if ya’ll wanna come politically correct address shit correct. It aint no one sided store there are P.O.S white people, black people, Mexican’s Asians, Hindu’s, ect..lol why yall really trying to fight with people and talk shit about people you don’t even know??? For real.. Get educated and get on my level.. I work in a law office so i see all types of shit. So when you all wanna open your eyes and get out your feelings there will be less problems in the world and less conflict.
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        1. I’m white and I lmao on the two comments above. that’s hilarious and true. You both should blog, white people love it when black people make fun of them. But, in all seriousness, I think all people have the tendency to be horrific to each other regardless. Intra-cultural abuse is prevalent among each branch of the human race, chinese are cruel to each other, whites are cruel to each other, blacks are cruel to each other, middle easterners are cruel to each other. Chinese hate everyone but themselves, white people try to like other races but fail miserably when tested, black people are just trying to get by because all the people gang up on them so they’re naturally defensive and deserve to be, mexicans are trying to be free and live, middle easterners, i really am on the fence what they’re up to, Indians, they just want a better life most of the time, etc. BTW, I’m going to be a know it all and point out the not so obvious -> Racism doesn’t exist because we’re all from the same race. We’re the product according to where our ancestors originated. All of our blood flows red. All of our veins are blue and red. Our insides are pink and white and blue and yellow. Just some crazy mfuckas like to know it first hand. Yuk.
          1. MSKNOWITALL…that was well said. I appreciate what you wrote and feel sad now that I contributed to this nonsense. And I do agree that Terry Tee’s comment was funny (and true).
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    3. What the f*#k is wrong with you?!?! You are a miserable person, to take a story like this and turn it into a race issue. Go f*#k yourself.
    4. black people amaze me more they get 11 year old girls hooked on crack and pimp them out 0f every shit flee motel
      1. Steve Walton, that’s just a lie that some small weenied white man made up. Many black children are doing much better than taking crack. And if the white judges, and white distributors weren’t dumping it into the communities that are black, then 11 year olds would not be on it. So yes, you might want to go beat your ownself up because men like you created the crack epidemic.
        1. White judges and white people dumping crack into black communities. SMH. You people amaze me with your willful ignorance. “The white man made me do it!”. Whatever. The statistics are staggering. Black males make up only 5.89% of the entire US population (12.9% black of which 52% are female). Ok, now remove the children who are too young to commit violent crimes. We’re looking at about 3% of the US population committing 25+% of the child molestation. Committing a huge amount or rapes, robberies, and murders. And you still talking shit?
    5. “White” people are not sick! Why on earth would you say that? You can not just make a blanket statement and assume anyone is going to believe you!
    6. This is sick. Niggers do sick shit too. Remember the one that ate another’s face off in Florida? And half the fuckers on Chris Hansen are black or brown
    7. @ WEEEEEEE, you my friend are a continuation of the bigotry and hatred that has been programmed into our people from before the times of slavery. your ignorance is a blemish on us all. wake up and educate yourself.
  1. People like that dnt deserve to have children and I think deserves to die. But for weee leave the racist comment to ur self. It’s not about color I dnt c color I c stupidity and sickness it could happened to anyone in any color. I hate stupid ignorant comments like that.
  2. “No word if Chris Hanson was on location?” Foolishness. Chris Hanson appears when a sex offender goes to meet a girl, not offer one up. A predator probably wrote that story.
  3. The world needs Jesus….I am so sorry this girl had a messed up dad…I hope she was never molested by her dad or his friends
  4. thats so sick soomeone needs to put him thrue the same things his daughter had to go thrue then kill him. stop talking about colors you dont have to be a certin color to be sick in the head. soo disrespectfull . im sick off nasty people getting away with this back n the day theyda killed his sick self
  5. Wow this is ridiculous sad and pathetic.. Especially your fuck commenting make a dam point and get the fuck out don’t sit the arguing under something more important then you low life comments.. Weee his opinion from what he see white folks are crZy straight the fuck up.. The news is filled with birch kids who got fed with a silver spoon shooting up schools and attempting sodomy.. And the racist fucks that are talking about black people not being there for there children not all of them even have children number one and 2 I can name a bunch of black people who take care of there children along with there woman better then some other ethnic backgrounds you stupid fucks are retarded and immature learn to be humble for you and live your life instead of making remarks on someone’s opinion.. Be you not them..
    1. you black fucks all are a reversed divergent system of racial beliefs and let me tell you mother fucker black men are more prone to commit rape on men and woman and little children turn little girls out on crack and prostitution so shut the fuck up with all your retrorical bullshit and your reverse racism its really fucking old welcome to planet earth 2014 mother fucker you bastards bitch and moan you got all the same fucking rights as my white yellow ass you mother fuckers go to prison and sit around raping one another …..
      1. Steve Walton, you are so ignorant. The truth is that many black women were used to feed your granddaddy’s when they were babies. Black women’s milk is more healthier and that’s why are children are stronger. The fact of the matter is that no one is turning their kids onto crack.
        Instead of you getting mad at us why don’t you get mad at the WHITE pedophile, mass murderer, shooting up movie theaters and kindergarten class crazy deranged punk @ss WHITE MEN who represent you in the news!!!!!!
        1. Best comment ever. I’m a white female and I have to admit for all whiteys out there that the black comments are 100% correct. Groundbreaking even.. small holes to make feel bigger.. sad but true. White men are so obsessed with their penises it becomes all consuming and they get sick creepy disgusting perverted. How. Many. Black. Dudes. Get. Busted. For. This. Shit. Compared. To. White. Dudes.you ignorant white mother clucking inbred jealous cause your peeper is 2″ and Tyrone’s is …goooooood Hahaha. I love black penis, never disappoints
          1. I live in the projects with my Black chick and our 4 kids. I’m white, and hung. The largest dick in porn is white. Thing is, your stats are way off when it comes to offending. Black males old enough to be considered adult make up only about 3% of the US population. Blacks commit 25% or so of child sex offenses. I lived on the west side in Chicago for a while. My ol’ lady grew up there. Started fucking at 13, like most of her friends. With who? Middle aged drug dealers who bought her “things” and enticed her. You can have ‘em. Most Black women I’ve met are just waiting for a decent white man who will love and respect her. Now, if you like being treated like an animal, sodomized for about two minutes, and call that “feeling good”, I pity you. The Black women I’ve been with (and it’s been a lot) have ALL been ruined forever: nothing but white men for them, after that. So go ahead you cunt-dead whore. Enjoy it. Meanwhile, all those single black women out there aren’t single because they can’t find a black man, they’re single because they don’t WANT one.
  6. The psychotic disgusting inhuman blob of waste. What in Gods name would keep just about anyone in prison from killing this p.o.s. Where is hrr mother. GOD FORGIVE ME BUT THIS SON OF A BITCH DESERVES TO DIE
  7. This poor girl…. aside from what her father has put her through, I would imagine she still cares and loves her dad, cause children are so very forgiving. I cant imagine how she is holding her head through this due to how violating and embarrassing it may be. Especially with school more then likely she is a target now for ALL sorts of humiliation i.e. sympathy,pity,and right down to bullying. My heart goes out to her and pray for her safety from her father. Parents are your safe home ya know….poor baby!!
  8. Don’t we have enough hate and sick people in this world already? I miss the days when people had manners, were friendly and polite. Hate was not a common everyday thing. People are forgetting how to be kind. Why are people so fast to be judgemental, racist, hurtful and hateful of everything? Technology has great advantages but also has disadvantages. I’m not sure if its been a great thing to have the technology at the cost of human compassion and humbleness.
    1. This “reverse racism” is nothing new. It’s just more visible now that Black people have gained access to a public venue such as the internet. Good thing, too. All the white people (like me) who grew up in the 70′s and 80′s, believing that Black people had it bad because of the white man and should be helped… People like us are now seeing the truth. Why would I give two shits about a self-destructive racist asshole who has had plenty of opportunity to participate in society and instead chooses to tear it down while blaming all their problems on events that happened 100′s of years ago? Fuck ‘em. Their days of imposing white guilt are OVER.
  9. this case is really sad and I hope this scum bag goes away for a long time and prison justice is served up real swift on this creep I say take him out back of court house and shoot point blank
  10. I don’t believe in legalized murder however, I would agree to severe torture for him for the rest of his days here. Like pulling his finger nails and toe nails off regularly or drilling through the nails, drilling teeth,you get my line of thinking..if the punishment was something so horrendous it would detour lots of bs crime against our youth. Death and life is just too easy.
    1. (I’m not sure if I’m posting this in the coecrrt place as I was unable to post it from the Dashboard.)The type of physician I would like to work with is a gerontologist. A gerontologist specializes in caring for the elderly. I have a fondness for our older population. They built out society and lived in a time that many of us can learn from. I would take great pride in caring for them as they age. In my opinion, working with a doctor that shares my passion and excitement would be the ideal work environment.The type of physician I would not be as excited to work with would be a proctologist. To be completely honest, I just don’t think I have what it takes to be in that environment. It’s important to be professional in any medical environment. I believe my sense of humor would not allow me to be as professional as I would need to be. I would also prefer not to work with ophthalmologist. Several years ago I spent a week with my grandfather at a specialist to have cataracts removed. I found it very difficult to watch the videos of my grandfather’s up coming procedures. It wasn’t difficult caring for my grandfather after surgery, but I must admit the pre-op was an experience that I would not want to assist in on a daily bases.
  11. So sad, I couldn’t believe what I was reading and as I read on to what everyone replied my heart broke even more. My pure, innocent, smart, funny AND KIND BY NATURE son is mixed and the hate here is honestly heart breaking.. Please all take a second to acknowledge that we are all born with strengths/weaknesses and nothing but potential! I’m so scared of the world already bc of mentally sick people like this horrible “father.”I hope you all can find it in your heart to rise above the racial hatred that only breeds more hate into this world. The same hate that could one day hurt one of your own children or a loved oneone day. The small acts of courage where we can spread more peace or love to one another will slowly but surly seep thru the cracks n crevices of the human race! Super cliche, but PAY THE LOVE N KINDNESS FORWARD! Believe in good so that our children don’t turn into or run into people like this guy! The good you do comes back to you but the evil you do remains with you.. I wish you all the best and hope you can find it In your hearts to be courageous and believe in the good!! Even if only one person feels this in their heart, I know many more will be touched! Bring life to a dying breed.. Believe in yourself and believe in one another! <3 Prayers for this little girl.. And prayers for any child who bullies her :( No child is born with hate in their heart!
    1. What you said was from the heart and bless you for your attitude.If everyone thought this way there wouldn’t be racism. Instead of blaming other races for there problems it would be a matter of accepting responsibility for there own actions and if eqaulity is wanted why treat others races the way you wanted to be treated. I think eqaulity would happen a lot faster that way. Because even if someone is wrong they will defend if they are attacked.
  12. This is such bs how these people are reacting. It’s become a stupid chat room on racism. A man tried to meet someone to put toys inside his own child. Stay focused people
    1. Blacks can’t stay focused. 100% of every aspect of everything in this world is about Black and white. Get that. They do this shit all the time. When someone says “there sure does seem to be a lot of black teenaged boys attacking white adults for no reason at all” we get a response “yeah, well white people rape babies!”. Really? Statistically, when you take hispanics out of the white category, and even MORE so when you remove women and minors from the stats, 3% of the population (Black adult men) commit over 25% of child sex offenses. The black on white to white on black rape ratio is around 35,000 to 1. That’s right. Look it up on the FBI/DOJ report on crime and race. The ratios are so far off the charts it’s just ridiculous. Check out Colin Flaherty’s site, and his books “White Girl Bleed A Lot” and “Don’t Make The Black Kids Angry”. He’s done a LOT of research into black on white crime and how the media ignores it. Once you see what’s been happening and how long it has been happening you will want to cut the fucking face off of any racist Black bitch who says the kind of shit they say online. It’s over for them though. White people are finding out. It won’t be a secret much longer and when it comes out, and we all know, and start fucking them off every time they open their bitch nigger mouths in a disrespectful way… I wasn’t racist. I still don’t see myself as racist, but our media has taken a one-sided approach to reporting race-crimes and when you see the real stats it will blow your mind. Get your guns. Get them ready. You WILL need them.
  13. Killing him is a easy way out for him ……..put that no good son of a bitch in general population in jail and tell every convic in there just what he did and that that can’t kill him !!! but they can beat the ever loving shit out of him every time they see him
    OR ……OR ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Take 2 poll barn nails a rusty razor blade and a hammer walk him 1mile in the wood
    NAIL HIS BALLS to a hemlock stump hand him the hammer and the razor blade and walk away !!!!!
    1. Don’t waste any more time or resources on him than one bullet and the time it takes to draw, aim, and fire. Participating in torture and all that only serves to feed those same demons inside of YOU. Just drop him and walk away, forgetting him in an instant. He’s not worth thinking about once he’s gone.
  14. Unbelievable, other than the fact that the focus of this devastating, & hopefully untrue story was sorely twisted and warped into some irrelevant and pathetic back and forth crybaby bitchfit about whites this, and blacks that, off top arguing with strangers none the less and actually wasting time, energy, and an attemp at a halfass understandable vocabulary, to prove some worthless opinion they have, not even a valid point or fact. Enough said
  15. This is sickining!!!! What the hell is going through this man’s FUCKEN head it makes me want to do the same to this asshole!!!! This man should be put away in prison with out ever coming out because his a danger to others. And all I want to say to him is “I hope you go to prison and make your little fantasy come true”.
  16. If i was the aresting officer i would of shot that son of a devil in front or her just so she new she is S A F E.Now we all know most sex affenders get out of prison….. At less in the state of california. Witch meens this Baby girl has to face him again witch mean to me they should of never arested him if they new one day he would be a free to do it again man…. I feel Anyone harms a child should be put down like a dog……this is just my opinion….
  18. Now i’m actually glad I stumbled upon this post. It’s well written and the content is excellent. I hope to find more like this.
    1. It’s not that there is anything more wrong with people these days than before, it’s that we find out about it because of the internet. Actually, in history (not too long ago actually) children were abused, raped, murdered, killed a lot more per capita than they are today. Hell, they’re still raping little girls in the middle east in the name of God! Little boys too (it’s not adultery OR homosexuality to fuck a prepubescent boy in the ass, it seems, as long as you’re a muslim). No, it’s actually gotten BETTER and will continue to get better because people have their eyes open now. When I was a kid, parents would let their first-grade kids walk home alone, go inside with their own key, ride their bikes in the streets, run around the neighborhood with their friends. Now? I don’t let my kids out of my sight, ever, unless they’re at school or with some other responsible adult. It’s getting better because now we know about what has been happening all along.
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