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Polish woman attempts to create “Frankenstein dog” using dead and live cats and dogs

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frankensteinAll Hallows’ Eve.

A woman scientist in Warsaw, Poland was arrested after police found over 100 dead animals in multiple freezers  as well as 72 malnourished cats roaming around inside the home in their own feces. The gruesome scene was uncovered by police after a few locals complained of foul orders and odd noises coming from the scientist woman’s resident.

According to police, the woman was obsessed with creating a new breed of dog,  a real-life “Frankenstein Dog”, by experimented on dead and live dogs. However, after multiple failed attempts at creating a living “Frankenstein Dog” from dog parts she decided to switch to cats.

Unfortunately, the woman mad scientist was arrested before she got a chance to scream in all her glory, “It’s alive! It’s alive, it’s alive, it’s alive! It’s ALIVE!” for her new breed of cat made out of a bunch cat parts.  All that remains of her “Franken Cat” experiment is 100 frozen cats that look like they have been cut up and experimented on, 72 starving cats, and house full of cat sh#t.

The woman was charged with animal cruelty and using cats and dogs for illegal experiments, which holds a maximum sentence of two years in prison and a lifetime ban from keeping animals.


Full Story: Daily Mail

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Indian man arrested for raping injured cow

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India_cowI’ve said it before and I will say it again, “weird sh#t happens in India.”

With that said, meet Muthu. Muthu was recently arrested for raping an injured cow while it was lying unconscious on a railroad track in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

While crossing a set of railroad tracks a four-year-old cow (the victim) was struck by a vehicle, which subsequently knocked the animal unconscious across the tracks. Officials at the Blue Cross of India were notified of the injured animal and promptly arrived at the scene to assist with the removal, and possibly offer medical attention to the animal. However, upon arrival they noticed a frail older man between the ages of 50 and 55-years old laying alongside the unconscious bovine creature moving in an erratic and sexual matter.

“We were initially unsure of what the man was doing to the cow. When we went further and took a closer look, we realized this man was inserting his penis into cow’s vagina. There was a bottle of coconut oil kept beside him, which he used as a lubricant.” A Blue Cross of India representatives told reporters.

Once Muthu realized a crowd of people were standing around watching him rape a nearly dead cow on railroad tracks he attempted to the flee the scene, but was caught by the mob, and then arrested by local police.

Muthu admitted to taking advantage of the unconscious farm animal and was charged with unnatural sexual offense act. Unfortunately, the cow died a few hours later at the veterinary hospital due to injuries it sustained during the accident.

Full Story: Punjab News

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Arizona man arrested for branding his initials onto his girlfriend’s vagina last week is arrested for dog porn this week

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AZ2 Christopher-Lynn-Jackson

“Shiiiiit. Really?”

Everybody’s got a thing. For Christopher Jackson, he has a few things. The 49-year-old Chandler, Arizona man enjoys branding his initials onto his girlfriend’s vagina as well as enjoys the occasional dabbling in amateur pornography starring his pet German Shepard (Dirk) and a couple of older unattractive women.

Last week Jackson was arrested after his ex-girlfriend told police that he drugged her and then branded his initials onto her vagina while she was unconscious. When she awoke in utter pain and noticed that the initials “CJ” have been branded on her vagina, Jackson told her, “That pussy is mine!” This week while deputies were searching Jackson’s home investigating allegations in the branding case they stumbled upon a collection of homemade porn videos involving Jackson’s pet German Shepard, a 61-year-old woman named Josephine Erikson, an unidentified woman still at-large, and Jackson himself.

AZ Josephine-G-Erikson

“Don’t judge me!”

“If you saw the video, you’d be pretty sick,” Maricopa County Sheriff told reporters.

Josephine Erikson and Christopher Jackson were arrested and charged with Bestiality. Police are still looking for an unidentified third woman that participated in the dog porn. I assume they are looking for an older lady with the letters C and J branded on her vagina, just a hunch.

If you are unfamiliar with Christopher Jackson check out last week’s post: Arizona Man Arrested for Branding his Initials onto Girlfriend’s Vagina

Full Story: Huff Post

**portions of dialogue may be dramatization based on true events

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North Carolina Soldier and Wife busted for making doggie porn

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NC_FoxIt seems like these days we can’t go a week without someone getting caught filming themselves f#cking their dog. It is almost as prevalent as female teachers fornicating with their high school students. What once was considered odd and bizarre is quickly becoming the norm, and rather boring.

This time it is a Fort Bragg Soldier and his wife making the big headlines. “Fort Bragg Soldier and Wife remake Dog Day Afternoon”. The Raeford, North Carolina married couple, both 23, were arrested for filming and then posting pornography on the internet involving their dogs. According to officials, Ruben Fox filmed his wife, Amber Fox, performing sex acts involving multiple dogs, and then posted the videos online.

“Anything you can ever imagine a man and a woman doing to each other, she was having the dogs do”, Raeford Police Chief told reporters.

Unfortunately for the Fox family, some guy at the Human Society was browsing the internet for NC_Fox1some bestiality porn and stumbled across some of their videos. He notified the cybercrimes unit of Fairfax County in Virginia, which, after verifying the IP address, notified the Raeford Police Department in North Carolina. The Police seized all computer and recording equipment from the couple’s home as well as seized the couple’s two dogs and three cats which they placed in a nearby shelter.

“Why would you do something like this?” Detective asked Ruben Fox.

“I was just trying to make a good film.” He responded.

The Foxes were charged with multiple counts of crimes against nature, bestiality, disseminating obscene materials and conspiracy. In addition, the wife was also charged with soliciting a crime against nature (for her part in the sex scenes).

Full Story: Fay Observer

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British Stable Hand arrested for filming himself having sex with horses and dogs

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Britsh_grahamA 41-year-old British man a little down on his luck was picked up by police on suspicion of burglary, more interestingly, when they searched his home (more accurately his caravan) on a piece of property near the small town of Wem, England looking for the stolen items they stumbled upon a large pornographic video collection that included home video segments of the man having sex with a horse and two dogs.

“I was experimenting. What can I say. I just lay on the bed and the dog did the rest.” The man told officers when confronted about the bestiality porn involving two dogs they found on his camera phone.

Meet Graham Redfearn. Graham is a 41-year-old aspiring stable hand, as well as a registered Sex Offender from a 1998 case involving gross indecency with a five-year-old child. Graham currently lives in a small caravan on a piece of property in Wem, and is looking for a job that involves working with Studs. Before his arrest Graham posted this on Facebook:

Looking 4 any horse work with accom.Willing 2 work 6 days a week at 5 a hour, I ride break and all yard duties as well as handle all kinds of young stock also done stud work. Please feel free 2 call me on 555-1234

Graham admitted to having sexual relations with a mare (female horse), a pit bull, and a vizsla. He also admitted that he filmed himself having sex with the creatures with the intention to distribute the footage via the internet.

When asked what compelled him to commit such sexual deviant acts Graham responded, “I was abused and raped by a German Shepard when I was twelve.”

Graham Redfearn was found guilty and was banned from owning animals (for life), and was given a 10-year “sexual offences prevention order” (which I assume is British for sex offender probation).

Full story: Shropshire Star News

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French man hangs little dog in garage after it bites his daughter

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"I'm innocent"

“I’m innocent”

“I panicked.”  Renald told police when asked why he hung his Tibetan Lhassa Apso from a beam in his garage.

“You panicked? Monsieur, you took a pedigree dog that you’ve only had for two weeks and strung it up with a rope, like you are some kind of american cowboy, and hung the poor little guy in your garage just because it nipped at your daughter?” French officer asked.

“Oui.” Renald said.

According to French officials, the 25-year-old dog owner, Renald, killed his 3-year-old pet dog Pollux by stringing the small pooch up with a rope on a beam in his garage, this all because the little pooch bit his 2-year-old daughter. He told officers that the bite was severe, resulting in five stitches. However, others involved in the case would argue that the wound was not that serious and Renald was full of sh#t.

Renald was initially sentenced to 5 months in a French prison back in 2011 for the 2010 murder of Pollux. However, because Renald appealed the sentence, and the French court system is apparently really slow, glacial pace at best, it wasn’t until last tuesday that a Parisian court upheld the sentence.

French news in English: The Local Oui


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British man banned from every farm in England for getting it on with a goat

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britgoatIn British News: Meet Robert Newman of Devizes, Wiltshire, England. The 23-year-old British man likes to have sex with goats and doesn’t care who knows. He recently pleaded guilty to fornicating with the agile caprine creature in North West Wiltshire Magistrates Court in Chippenham.

The Judge ordered that Newman be prohibited from setting foot on any property that has farm animals within the country, in other words, the judge banned Newman from every farm in the United Kingdom. In addition, the goat lover must remain indoors from 7pm  to 7am. Apparently, the judge wants to make sure that Newman doesn’t get tempted and find himself on top of a goat at 11′oclock at night before his sentencing on Sept. 12.

Brit News: IB Times

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Washington man arrested for blowing up his dog, claims his ex-girlfriend “put the devil in it”

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washington_dillinghamChristopher Dillingham of Stevenson, Washington, was arrested for blowing up his dog. The 45-year-old man attached an explosive device to the dog’s neck and then detonated it. ”Boom!”

Around 4 a.m. neighbors notified police after they heard a loud explosion coming from Dillingham’s residence. When police arrived on the scene they found the dead yellow lab with it’s head blown off as well as a frantic Christopher Dillingham blabbering that the world was going to end soon.

“Sir, why did you blow up your dog. Sir look at me. Why did you blow up your dog?” the deputy asked.

“The dog was giving to me by my ex. She put the devil in it. That bitch put the devil in that dog! That dog had to die.” Dillingham said.

“I see. Sir, how did you make the exploding device?” the deputy asked.

RIP Cabella

RIP Cabella

“I made it on my work bench with black powder. I own a firework stand. I know how to make explosives. I strapped it to the devil’s neck and then lured it behind the wall with dog treats. Then I detonated.” He said.

“Sir we also received a call from your nephew inside the house, he said you threw a couch out the window and woke him up to help throw anything metal outside. Why are you throwing items all over your yard sure? Are you on drugs? the deputy asked.

“All those items are the souls of demons! The end is near. You will see. Y’all will see. It’s going to rain nuclear fire.”

“Got it.” the deputy responded.

Dillingham was charged with reckless endangerment and possession of an explosive device. According to Skamania County Sheriff, Dillingham wasn’t charged with animal cruelty because the dog was killed instantaneous, in other words, Cabella didn’t suffer, however, county prosecutors may add additional charges after further investigation.

Full Story: KATU

***slight dramatization based on true events

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**Updated** Idaho man arrested for allegedly having a year long love affair with a cat, turns out he is a Furry

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cat lady meet cat man

Meet 28-year-old Ryan Tannenholz, aka Bubblegum Husky, of Boise, Idaho. Ryan was recently arrested for allegedly sexually penetrating a cat multiple times over a course of a year. That’s intercourse with a cat to me and you.

Apparently, police have been investigating Ryan for some time now, and will not release information regarding how Ryan’s activities came to their attention. Meaning, some mysterious and unknown whistler blower notified police of Ryan’s favorite crime against nature pastime, but because of the nature of the crime wants to remain anonymous, secret. Perhaps a friend, a relative, or even his own mom?

Regardless, some secret somebody witnessed Ryan having sex with a cat numerous times and decided to do something about it. Why the police had to investigate this case for over a year before making an arrest is a whole another deal. And why no one knows who the cat belongs to is yet another mystery.

Hopefully in the coming weeks more information will be released regarding this somewhat mysterious case of a cat f#cker, and we will finally know the truth behind why Ryan f#cked a cat, who the cat belongs to, and who told the cops that Ryan was f#cking a cat. I can’t f#cking wait.

***Updated Story info: Tannenholz is a member of the Furry Fandom Community. He goes by the name Bubblegum Husky. Apparently, Tannenholz like to dress like a dog [fursuiter] and then bone cats. Good to know.

Ryan Tannenholz was charged with six felony counts of crimes against nature and one misdemeanor count of cruelty to an animal. Ryan could possibly go to prison for a decent amount time for his alleged cat sexapade. Idaho doesn’t mess around when it comes to fornicating with the pets.

Full Story: Idaho Statesman



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Florida man busted for having sex with neighbor’s dog last week was busted for having sex with another dog this week

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me again

me again

James Lyon has a problem. For some reason he can’t stop having sex with dogs, and for some reason he keeps getting caught. The 52-year-old registered sexual predator was arrested last week for allegedly having sex with his neighbor’s dog (click here for story), now less than a week later, Lyon is arrested again, second time in a week, for having sexual relations with yet another dog.

Last week, Lyon only spent a few hours in jail for his sexapade with his neighbor’s dog before he posted bail, in addition to  signing a pretrial release condition that allowed Lyon to be released if he agreed not to have any pets in his home.

Unfortunately, Lyon didn’t seem to take that agreement very seriously, considering days later when Animal Control Officers went to his home to check-up on the pooch lover they found two dogs inside his home. A Pit Bull and a Terrier mix. The two dogs were removed from Lyon’s residence and sent to a veterinarian for a thorough examination.


Terrier Mix

According to the vet, the Pit Bull checked out ok, however, the Terrier mix wasn’t so lucky. “The Pit Bull showed no signs of injury or penetration, but the Terrier mix was another story. Her injuries to her genitals were appalling, just blown out. There is no doubt this dog suffered a great amount of pain and will suffer through the healing process.” The vet said.

Lyon was charged with Cruelty to Animals, Sexual Activities involving Animals and Failure to Register as Sexual Predator.

“Luckily, we got anonymous tip that Mr. Lyon had dogs in his house. If it had been any longer who knows what would of happened to that poor Terrier mix dog, and I’m confident the Pit Bull would have got it.” Authorities told reporters.

Florida News: Sun Sentinel

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