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Polish woman attempts to create “Frankenstein dog” using dead and live cats and dogs

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frankensteinAll Hallows’ Eve.

A woman scientist in Warsaw, Poland was arrested after police found over 100 dead animals in multiple freezers  as well as 72 malnourished cats roaming around inside the home in their own feces. The gruesome scene was uncovered by police after a few locals complained of foul orders and odd noises coming from the scientist woman’s resident.

According to police, the woman was obsessed with creating a new breed of dog,  a real-life “Frankenstein Dog”, by experimented on dead and live dogs. However, after multiple failed attempts at creating a living “Frankenstein Dog” from dog parts she decided to switch to cats.

Unfortunately, the woman mad scientist was arrested before she got a chance to scream in all her glory, “It’s alive! It’s alive, it’s alive, it’s alive! It’s ALIVE!” for her new breed of cat made out of a bunch cat parts.  All that remains of her “Franken Cat” experiment is 100 frozen cats that look like they have been cut up and experimented on, 72 starving cats, and house full of cat sh#t.

The woman was charged with animal cruelty and using cats and dogs for illegal experiments, which holds a maximum sentence of two years in prison and a lifetime ban from keeping animals.


Full Story: Daily Mail

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Papua New Guinea man arrested for cannibalism after going vampire on 3-year-old daughter

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papua newMeet Papua New Guinea man Rex Eric. Rex was recently arrested after he sucked the blood and life out of the neck of his 3-year-old daughter. Locals refer to the man as the “Vampire Father” and suspect that he is possessed by an evil spirit.

Apparently, to think one is possessed is not uncommon down in Papa New Guinea, considering in remote areas of the Oceania country many still believe and practice sorcery, witchcraft, and black magic, not to mention, cannibalism. Which leads me to conclude that a guy going around sucking blood and eating flesh like a vampire probably isn’t that big of deal down there.

As the story goes, a woman and her 3-year-old daughter went to visit the Vampire Father at the Arnotts compound. Once they arrived the Vamp Father grabbed the little girl and scurried off to the bushes. It was in the bushes that the Vamp Father savagely tore into his young daughter’s neck eating her flesh and drinking her blood until she died. Two boys on top of a coconut tree, monkeying around, witnessed the horrific act of the Vamp Father voraciously sucking the blood out of his helpless daughter in the bushes, “He looked up at us in the tree a few times and just laughed. Then he just continued eating the little girl like we weren’t there. That’s when we got scared and went for help.” One of the boys told police.

The Vamp Father dumped the body in the bushes and fled the scene before local police arrived. However, he was caught by mob of villagers while running in the direction of the church seminary, and the mob then handed over to police.

Rex Eric (Vampire Father) was charged with cannibalism and murder. Unfortunately the 3-year-old didn’t survive the gruesome attack, however this is Papua New Guinea, so there might be a chance that she may have turned into a vampire herself. Stay tuned…

Full Story: Daily Mail

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Florida woman stabs boyfriend in the eye after he refuses sex

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florida_la crystal28-year-old Florida woman, La Crystal King-Woolfork was arrested for allegedly stabbing her boyfriend in the eye with a knife after he refused to have sex with her.

According to La Crystal, she and a friend spent the evening at the Shake Your Booty Club drinking and dancing (twerking?) before arriving back to her residence at around 4am. Back at home the two drunk girls, La Crystal and her unknown friend stumbled into to her bedroom while her boyfriend was sleeping. The girls woke the boyfriend up and began to perform oral sex with each other while the unnamed boyfriend watched. “I’m drunk and horny, and I’m DTF with y’all!” La Crystal might have said attempting to get her boyfriend involved in their drunk debauchery.

La Crystal tried numerous times to get her boyfriend to engage in sex with the two woman, but the boyfriend refused. And after shutting her down multiple times the love buzz in the room quickly frizzled out and the unknown woman left the house. La Crystal grabbed a knife off the dresser and then attacked her boyfriend while he was laying on the bed.

“Why won’t you have sex with me?” La Crystal might have said as she attacked her boyfriend with the knife.

The couple struggled for control of the knife, she managed to stab the boyfriend in the eye and shoulder before the boyfriend managed to wrestled her to the ground and grabbed the knife away from her.

The boyfriend called another person to bring him to the hospital and the police arrested La Crystal and charged her with attempted murder. La Crystal admitted to grabbing the knife and threatening her boyfriend because he was angry at her, but she denies stabbing him in the eye with the knife. She told police, “I didn’t stab him, but I did hit him in the face several times with a metal candle holder.”

Full Story:TC Palm

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Chicago area Grandma brutally murders infant granddaughter with sledgehammer and knife

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chicago_grandmaMeet Alfreda Giedrojc. Giedrojc is a 61-year-old grandmother that has lived in Oak Lawn, Illinois (suburb of Chicago) with her family for over 20 years. Her children and grandchildren visit  her and her husband often. She and her family are described by her neighbors as “very friendly” and “lovely people”. She has no record of mental illness and no prior arrests. Last Sunday, while her husband and son-in-law were across the street at the neighbors, Grandma Giedrojc, for no apparent reason, allegedly murdered her 6-month-old granddaughter.

According to authorities, after Giedrojc’s husband left the house to join his son-in-law (the infant’s father) across the street, the 61-year-old grandmother put the infant on the floor, grabbed a sledgehammer from a nearby closet, and proceeded to hit the baby’s head and body several times with the sledgehammer. With the baby still moving and crying, Grandma Giedrojc decided to grab a carving knife and finish her granddaughter off by slicing her throat.

Police were notified and the infant was rushed to a Oak Lawn medical center where the infant died shortly after arriving. Giedrojc was arrested and charged with first-degree murder.

“I have never seen anything like it,” Oak Lawn Police Chief said.

Yes, this is kind of crazy.

Full Story: NBC Chicago

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Albuquerque Chemistry Teacher/Drug Kingpin found dead at local meth lab

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Full Story:ABQ Journal

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German Nymphomaniac killed two of her newborn babies so she could still go to swingers club

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germany_nympoEverybody’s got a thing. For 24-year-old Steffie Koppers, her thing is to frequent German swinger clubs to engaged in numerous sexual encounters with strange men, and then likes to brag about these sexual adventures on her Facebook page. It is probably safe to say that Koppers is considered a nymphomaniac. I think we can agree on that. She is addicted to sex, no denying that. She likes to bang. Addicted. She was so addicted to the sex and going to these sex clubs that she didn’t even let having two babies hinder her from going out and having some random sex. She is serious and dedicated about her sex.

In fact, Koppers manage to have two babies without no one ever noticing. How this is possible I don’t really have a clue, but I do know she was a larger girl, so maybe that is how she hid it. As far as how her many sexual partners didn’t know especially at 8 or 9 months, you got me. Anyway, she got pregnant on two different occasions in the last year or so, and carried the babies to term without anybody knowing she was pregnant, twice. She then secretly murdered her two newborn babies, at separate times of course, and hid their little bodies in her home that she shared with her father in Weeze, Germany.

The father recently discovered the bodies of the two dead infants inside the farm house they shared. He notified police and Koppers was arrested. She admitted to killing her two newborns, but didn’t specify exactly why, however she did admit that she didn’t want the kids around because they would bother her and cramp her hyper-sexual lifestyle, not to mention, she confessed that she is totally “DTF”.

Full Story: Daily Mail

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Utah woman convinces husband to shoot neighbor for ‘telepathically raping’ her

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Utah_sellMeet Meloney and Michael Selleneit of Centerville, Utah. You may have heard about this unusual married couple a few years ago (back in 2011) when they were both arrested after Meloney convinced her husband Michael to shoot their neighbor. “Go ahead, shoot Mr. Pierce (neighbor).” Meloney told her husband.

You may remember that it didn’t take much for Meloney to persuade her husband to shoot a man. Meloney admitted to police that she convinced her husband to shoot their neighbor, Tony Pierce, by telling him that Tony has “telepathically raped” her multiple times.  Apparently for Michael, ‘telepathic rape’ was the worst rape of them all. Utah_sell2Michael shot his neighbor, Tony, once in the back with an illegally acquired handgun that was purchased by his wife. What I imagine as the conversation leading up to the firing of the gun might go something like this:

“You been telah…telahpattt…telahpathical, lee, lee, telepathically raping my wife!” Micheal says while pointing the hand gun at Tony Pierce.
“So what, whacko.” Tony Pierce responds.
“My wife told me I’d should shoot you for it!” Micheal says.
“Go for it.” Tony Pierce says.

Michael Selleneit was charged with attempted murder and possession of a dangerous weapon by a restricted person. Michael underwent several evaluations by psychiatric officials to determine if he was competent enough to stand trial, in the end it was determined that he was. He plead guilty to the charges and was sentenced to 30 years in prison.

Meloney Selleneit was charged with attempted criminal solicitation and possession of a dangerous weapon by a restricted person. She recently plead guilty but mentally ill. She is scheduled for sentencing next month. As for Tony Pierce, he lived, and he may or may not be ‘telepathically raping’ someone right now.

Full Story: Standard Examiner

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India man shot by town criminal for not putting onions on his omelette

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India_omIn the small town of Etah, India a man named Pujari ordered an omelette for four of his comrades. Pujari and his comrades quickly became angered when they noticed that there were no onions in their omelette. Pujari confronted the egg cook, Deepu Kashyap.

“Where are d’onions? We like onions, yes. Why haven’t you put onions in the omelettes?” Pujari asked.

“I can’t afford d’onions. They are much too expensive for me.” Kashyap responded.

Pujari pulled out his gun and shot Kashyap. “I shoot you, because no onions!”

Pujari and his comrades left the scene and Kashyap was rushed to a local medical facility. Inspector General of Police Ashutosh Pandey told reporters that they know the identities of the suspects and are in the process of trying to arrest them. He said: “We know Pujari, he is the town criminal. He is wanted on many many crimes around Etah. A case under attempt to murder and extortion has been slapped on them and we are trying to arrest him now.”


Full Story: India News

Some weird sh#t happens in India: New Delhi man kills animal handler because he wouldn’t let his monkey drink wine India student drinks poison in front of ex-lover in classroom  A khap panchayat in India blames chow mein for rapes and if you want more weird India news check out: Weird India

*some dialogue dramatized


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86-year-old Oregon man murders wife because she put the lid on the ketchup bottle too tight

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Oregon Lawrence-Hubert-LoefflerTIL: You are never too old to murder your wife. Screwing the lid on a ketchup bottle too tight could be life threatening. And saying “Happy Birthday” to someone, no matter what age, is important.

This I learned from 86-year-old La Pine area man Lawrence Loeffler. Loeffler is currently on trial in Deschutes County for the murder of is wife, 83-year-old Betty Loeffler. Lawrence Loeffler admitted to planning out the murder of his wife. In addition, Loeffler voiced complaints regarding his wife and family while being questioned by detectives during the murder investigation that may shed some light on why her murdered his wife.

“Why did you kill your wife Mr. Loeffler?” Detective asked Loeffler.

“She always put the damn lid on too tight on the ketchup bottle!” Loeffler responded.


“And her damn daughter (stepdaughter) never wished me a happy birthday.” He said.

“I see.” Detective responded.

According to authorities in the case, Loeffler methodically planned out the murder of is wife. On the night of the murder, while his wife slept, Loeffler disconnected their phone, armed himself with a .25 caliber gun. He then woke up his wife and managed to lure her outside onto their deck. It was on the deck that he shot her once in the neck and once in the head. The elderly man then reconnected the phone and called 911. He told the 911 dispatcher that his wife was threatening him so he shot her in self-defense. “I had to kill her before she killed me.” He said. It was later, during questioning, that Loeffler changed his story and admitted to the slaying.

Loeffler is currently on trial for murder. Loeffler’s defense attorney is arguing that although his client admitted to planning out the murder of his wife he is not guilty of murder based on the fact that he was suffering from delusions at the time of the murder. Which I assume, is legal jargon for “my client is just ‘old’, he is almost ninety, for christ sakes, and needs an oxygen concentrator to breath, he may have been a little angry because he never could get the ketchup lid off because his damn wife kept on putting on too tight, he is old, cut him a break.” We will find out soon. Trial in progress…

For more trial details: Huff Post and Bend Bulletin

*portions of dialogue may be dramatized and exaggerated for effect, but based on true events


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French man hangs little dog in garage after it bites his daughter

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"I'm innocent"

“I’m innocent”

“I panicked.”  Renald told police when asked why he hung his Tibetan Lhassa Apso from a beam in his garage.

“You panicked? Monsieur, you took a pedigree dog that you’ve only had for two weeks and strung it up with a rope, like you are some kind of american cowboy, and hung the poor little guy in your garage just because it nipped at your daughter?” French officer asked.

“Oui.” Renald said.

According to French officials, the 25-year-old dog owner, Renald, killed his 3-year-old pet dog Pollux by stringing the small pooch up with a rope on a beam in his garage, this all because the little pooch bit his 2-year-old daughter. He told officers that the bite was severe, resulting in five stitches. However, others involved in the case would argue that the wound was not that serious and Renald was full of sh#t.

Renald was initially sentenced to 5 months in a French prison back in 2011 for the 2010 murder of Pollux. However, because Renald appealed the sentence, and the French court system is apparently really slow, glacial pace at best, it wasn’t until last tuesday that a Parisian court upheld the sentence.

French news in English: The Local Oui


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