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Albuquerque Chemistry Teacher/Drug Kingpin found dead at local meth lab

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Full Story:ABQ Journal

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The Pantless Burglar strikes in Oklahoma City, apparently she is only after your milk and cookies

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Once inside, I start takin
Cause you know it’s no time for shakin
Get what you gonna get, front and center
or get five years for breakin and enter”
-Eazy-E  ”No More ?’s”

oklahoma_michelleMeet 27-year-old Michelle Stephens of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Michelle was recently arrested for breaking into a couple’s home. More interestingly, Michelle Stephens was caught by the homeowner, Kelly, with her pants off in the kitchen enjoying a glass of milk and cookies.

“Who are you and what are you doing in my kitchen?” Homeowner Kelly asked Michelle as she walked into her kitchen at 6:30 am and stumbled upon a strange lady with no pants sitting down at her kitchen table.

“My name’s Michelle and I’m just having cookies and milk.” Michelle cordially responded.

“What the f#ck! Michelle, I need to know who else is in this house and I need to know how many people are with you.” Kelly said.

“I got beat up, I just wanted some milk and cookies.” Michelle said.

Kelly then ran to her bedroom and yelled to her husband, “Honey, get your gun and get into the kitchen!”

Unfortunately, when the couple returned to the kitchen Michelle had already fled the scene. According to investigators, Michelle broke into the house through the kitchen window and for some reason left her pants outside the window. In addition, to the milk and cookies, Michelle managed to steal some cash and jewels that were stashed in some kitchen drawers as well as making herself welcome to some pesto and pepper jack she found in the refrigerator.

It didn’t take long for police to catch up with the pantless burglary. Michelle Stephens was charged with first-degree burglary and petty larceny.

Full Story: FOX KC

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Japanese man arrested for stealing 200 women bike seats, admits he likes the ‘scent of a women’

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Kondo's collection

Kondo’s collection

In International News: 35-year-old Yokohama resident, Joji Kondo was arrested after a security camera caught him stealing three bicycle seats from an apartment complex. Which at first glance doesn’t seem like that big of deal, and not really that weird. However, after investigators searched Kondo’s home they found an additional 200 bicycle seats, all of which had belong to female riders.

“Why do you have 200 women bicycle seats in your living room? An Investigator asked Kondo.

“I wanted to smell the lingering scent of a woman. I like the texture of the leather and the smell it has. I would lick it and sniff it.” Kondo answered.

“Jesus!” the Investigator responded.

Kondo went on to tell police that he had special advance sense of smell and could easily tell whether a man or woman used the seat. “Leather seats especially are best for trapping the glorious scent of a woman rider.” He admitted.

Olfactophilia lingere.

Investigators estimated that Kondo’s substantial bike seat collection was valued around 1,200,000 yen ($12,287USD). No information on charges or possible jail time.

Full Story: Japan Today

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Oregon homeless man robs bank for $1, claiming he did it for the healthcare

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Oregon_ Timothy-Dean-AlsipOregon man Dean Alsip walked into a Clackamas County Bank of America branch and handed a teller a note that said, “This is a hold up. Give me a dollar.” The teller gave Alsip the dollar and then the 50-year-old homeless man took a seat in the lobby and calmly waited for the police to arrive to arrest him.

Alsip was originally charged with second-degree robbery and third degree theft for the dollar robbery, but the charges were dismissed, however, Alsip remains in Clackamas County jail because he failed to pay his $40,000 bail on the theft charge. According to officials, Alsip has no permanent address and has no criminal record.

When asked why he did it, Alsip responded, “I did it for the free healthcare in jail.”

For more info check out: Oregon Live


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Oklahoma man’s online porn habit leads to his arrest for stealing church computer

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Ok_ridlingTroy Ridling of Owasso, Oklahoma, was arrested for stealing a computer from his church. According to police, an employee at the Owasso First Assembly of God reported that  a computer was stolen from their office, however there was no sign of a break-in and nothing else was reported missing, which lead the intuitive employee to conclude that it must have been an inside job.

The Owasso Police investigation in the matter didn’t look promising, considering they had no suspects, no witnesses, no fingerprints—all they had was a bone head theory from an employee of the church that it must have been someone that was familiar with the church and had access to the office. After a few weeks of nothing they finally received a break in the case. The church received a call from a software tracking company, Covenant Eyes. It just so happens that the church had installed tracking software on the computer that was stolen.

Covenant Eyes reported that someone was attempting to look at pornography on one of their computers. In addition, they told the church that Troy Ridling called them directly attempting to have them disable the porn blocking software that was on the computer. Troy wanted his porn and he wanted immediately, unfortunately, Covenant Eyes denied his request, and in the end, helped police track down Troy.

However, Troy didn’t give up too easy. According to police, Troy denied that he stole the computer, and denied that he attempted to look at porn.

“I didn’t steal the computer, honest to god, I didn’t. And I never look at porn. Porn is evil.” Troy said.

“Troy, we found the computer in your bedroom. Troy, we found the tissue, the lube, and the magazines. Troy, we traced the call you made to Covenant Eyes to your cell phone.” the investigator said.


Troy Ridling is currently in Tulsa County jail awaiting Judgement.

Full Story: KRMG

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Iowa man goes on a six-day diapers, baby wipes, and tequila theft spree, plan was to barter stolen items for some crack

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davenport REUTHER

“turn to the right”

32-year-old Thomas Reuther of Davenport, Iowa, was arrested for allegedly going on a wild six-day theft spree that involved stealing  diapers, baby wipes, and other items that would be on a normal father’s shopping list, however for Reuther, he had hopes that he could barter the stolen merchandise for crack.

Reuther’s near week long theft spree involved at least five stores in the Davenport and Bettendorf area. Sticking mainly to liquor stores and mini-marts, Reuther’s stole diapers, baby wipes, bottles of tequila, cartons of cigarettes, and lotto tickets.

“Give me a couple boxes of Huggies, some baby wipes, a carton of cigs, for the wife, a bottle of tequila, for me, and give a me couple of those two-dollar scratch it tickets, my kid got to go to college man.” Reuther might have said to a clerk.

Reuther’s odd theft spree ended when police matched up surveillance footage from multiple stores  to Reuther’s numerous mugshots on record. According to the investigators, Reuther stole the items to use for himself, or to sell them for money to buy crack, or to barter for crack.

“If you ask me the suspect seems like a cracked out real-life version of H.I. McDunnough, you know from that 80′s movie Raising Arizona.  He has been in and out of jail for the past 12 years always getting caught stealing from mini-marts. Stealing diapers and baby wipes, hell it gets me [laugh]. All the fellows down at the station refer to this case as Raising Iowa.” Investigator told reporters.

Reuther was charged with four counts of third-degree theft and six counts of lottery ticket theft or forgery.

Full Story:Quad City Times

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Florida woman throws baby at arresting deputy as she attempts to flee

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florida_WrightIn Florida News: A 23-year-old Pensacola woman was arrested after throwing her 3-month old infant at an Okaloosa County Sheriff Deputy as he was trying to arrest her for shoplifting from a Santa Rosa Mall Dillards.

Meet Ashley Taylor Wright. A 23-year-old loving wife and mother of three. A classy woman  with a refined palate and expensive taste that enjoys shoplifting at only the finest Dillards, and enjoys putting her baby in harms way as well as a casually baby toss. A modern day renegade of a woman.

Wright walked into a dressing room with a baby stroller, a couple pair of Miss Me jeans, and a Hurley shirt, she walked out with a baby stroller stuffed with a couple of pair of Miss Me Jeans and a Hurley shirt. It didn’t take long for a customer associate to realize Mrs. Wright shoplifted merchandise, valued at $261, and it didn’t take long for the Dillard’s employee to notify authorities.

When a deputy approached Mrs. Wright at her car in the parking lot, Wright was heard yelling to her husband, “get the f#ck out of here, peel the f#ck out!”

The deputy attempted to get Wright out of the car, “Ma’am please step out of the vehicle, I have a few questions.”

However, Mrs. Wright resisted, she grabbed the baby carrier from the back of the car with her 3-month-old infant strapped in, put the infant in front of her and yelled, “You will have to shoot through the baby to get me!”


Wright jumped out of the car, then threw the baby carrier with her 3-month-old infant strapped in at the deputy as she attempted to the flee the scene, leaving her husband at the wheel and her two other children in the back seat of the car. After a mild chase and scuffle that caused a few scrapes and bruises, Mrs. Wright was apprehended.

Mrs. Wright was charged with petty theft, child abuse without great bodily harms and resisting an officer without violence. No information regarding the husband or the two other children. The 3-month-old infant was unharmed in the incident.

Full Story: WTSP News


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Florida man robs store after filling out job application

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florida_thomasIn Florida News: 33-year-old Anthony Thomas of Ocala, Florida, was arrested for allegedly stealing cash out of a register from a gas station after applying for a job.

According to the store clerk, Thomas came into the Martin Oil gas station looking for a summer job. “He came in and asked if we were hiring, I said maybe, so I gave him an application to fill out.” The store clerk told authorities.

Thomas filled out the application, however, when the store clerk turned his back and started tending to other store duties , Thomas smoothly reached over the counter a few times and managed to grab $130, in total, out of the register, he made some small talk with the clerk, said his goodbyes, and casually walked out.

Unfortunately Thomas was not as smooth and bright as he thought, considering all this was caught on surveillance camera, not to mention, Thomas left all his real contact information on the job application he previously filled out and gave to the clerk. Thus, It didn’t take long for police to apprehend the future employee of the month. However, when police arrived at Thomas’s home to make the arrest, the suspect denied taking anything and being a thief.

“I ain’t no thief, and I didn’t take no money man, do I look like a thief, do I? I’m a working man. I’m looking for a job.” He said.

But after police showed Thomas the surveillance video he changed up his story, “they said it was my cash advance, my retainer man. Retainer!”

Thomas was charged with burglary, resisting an officer with violence, and petty theft.

Full Story And Video: WESH Florida


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North Dakota Man high on Ecstasy caught shoplifting embarrassing sex toy, claims he did it cause he was embarrassed

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fargo wiener26-year-old Christopher Wiener walked into a downtown Fargo sex shop looking to purchase an artificial vagina, aka a pocket pussy, however, when a female customer entered the store and noticed Christopher Wiener browsing the latex masturbation aids, Wiener, high on ectasy at the time, became self-conscience and embarrassed, subsequently pocketing the pocket pussy and making his way out the door. Unfortunately for Wiener, an employee of the sex shop witnessed Wiener exit the store with the sex toy in his pocket and promptly notified police.

Wiener was quickly apprehended walking down the street and was arrested for possession of stolen property i.e., shoplifting an artificial vagina. Upon arrest Wiener told police that he was embarrassed to purchase a pocket pussy in front of a women, so he took it. He went on to say, “I was just really frying balls on Ecstasy and really wanted to bang, I thought a pocket pussy sounded good. I saw an opportunity, I took it, and it was stupid.”

A bag of meth and a glass pipe were also found in Wiener’s possession. Consequently Wiener was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of methamphetamine, both Class C Felonies, thus trumping original shoplifting charge.

It just wasn’t Wiener’s day.

Full Story: Grand Fork Herald

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Elderly Man with walker attempt to steal car at knifepoint is foiled when he takes too long to load walker into car

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oldman_walkerIn International News: A 64-year-old elderly man from Queensland, Australia, was arrested for allegedly trying to steal a 22-year-old woman’s car at knifepoint in a Queensland area Kmart parking lot. Luckily, for the 22-year-old woman, the police arrived before the elderly man could flee the scene. Apparently, he had trouble loading his walker into the car as well as a few bags of groceries.

According to reports, a 64-year-old elderly man using a walker purchased a knife and some groceries at a Queensland Kmart. He then hobbled out at glacier pace toward a 22-year-old woman that was sitting in her parked car, he showed her the knife and told her he was taking her car. Unfortunately, for all you Crocodile Dundee fans, there was no “That’s not a knife…That’s a knife” moment, rather, the woman politely obliged, and quickly called the police. The elderly renegade proceeded to load his walker in the car, but had some issues. When the cops arrived the old timer was still trying to fit his walker in the car, not mention his bag of groceries. “Crikey!”

Story: Geelong Advertiser

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