A very Large Santa Ana Man sent to prison for sniffing arm of 10-year-old

Cal_espinozaVictor Espinoza, a 56-year-old man from Santa Ana, California, was sentenced to 32-months in prison for grabbing and sniffing a 10-year-old boy’s arm. The 425-pound alleged gang member plead guilty to false imprisonment.

As the story goes, a 10-year-old boy and his 19-year-old cousin were walking down a trail near Dehli Park on their way to soccer practice when they were approached by Espinoza. Espinoza asked the kids if they wanted to see his gang tattoo. “Hey come heres, I’ll show you someth’ng kid, a gang tattoo, I’m in a gang.” When the 10 year-old got close to check out the tattoo Espinoza grabbed the young boy and sniffed his arm. “Oh yeah that is the stuff oh yeah,” Espinoza was heard saying as he took a big whiff of the boy’s arm. The boy managed to escape the clutches of the 425-pound behemoth and told his soccer coach of the incident. The coach attempted to take down Espinoza, but couldn’t quite do it. Espinoza then ran away from the scene, which I imagine was a very slow run, perhaps more like a glacial pace trot. The cops were called and Espinoza was finally caught hiding behind a tree, a very large tree. He was charged with false imprisonment.

Espinoza plead guilty, and in exchange, prior charges of street terrorism and gang activity against Espinoza were dismissed.

Full Story: CBS LA


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