Rockford man claims Justin Bieber told him to molest young boys

Lawrence E. AdamczykLawrence Adamczyk told Riverside police that he was on his way to Brookfield Zoo to look for young boys when he received a telepathic message from Justin Bieber. Apparently, Bieber told him the zoo is for losers and he should leave immediately. Then Bieber advised him to find the nearest high school with a swim center and set up shop on the bleachers. Lawrence Adamczyk did just that and was quickly busted by high school security and then local law enforcement because the 49-year-old man looked really creepy staring at the young swimmers while singing Justin Bieber hits. It turns out Mr. Adamcyz has been arrested several times on sexual offenses, however, this is the first time involving Beiber. Adamcyz was charged with criminalDannytrespass and disorderly conduct. Justin Bieber couldn’t be reach to respond to the telepathic allegations, however, a close confidant of Bieber’s did say he recently saw Bieber crouched down in a corner foaming out of his mouth like Danny from The Shining.

News Link: CBS Local