Arkansas man murders two men with machete, claims he had the ‘Devil Inside’

Ark_Kinsey20-year-old Gregory Kinsey was arrested in Fort Smith, Arkansas, for allegedly hacking two men to death with a machete. Kinsey, a heavy metal looking dark soul that slightly resembles Dimebag Darrell from Pantera, admitted to police that he had “satan within him” prior to him maliciously attacking three men, killing two.

According to a witness, 39-year-old Brandon Price, 32-year-old Nathan Young, and the witness (refer to as Ray) were hanging out on their front porch drinking beers when Kinsey walked by in a nearby alley with a bag of groceries.

“We were all hanging out drinking beers on the front porch, Nathan, Brandon and me, when this dark heavy metal rocker looking guy walked by in the nearby alley. I’ve never seen him before, kind of a freaking looking dude. Anyway, he turned his head as he rounded the corner of the alley and asked Brandon, ‘you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?’ I forgot what he said back but then the dude started singing INXS lyrics ‘the devil inside, the devil inside’ over and over again, then he busted out his machete. His eyes might have turned red, I don’t know, I started to run.” Ray told authorities.
The three men attempted to flee the porch, but Kinsey was too quick, and with the devil inside, ran them down slashing at them with his machete’s blade. He ended up hacking up Brandon and Nathan to death, Ray, on the other hand, manage to escape death by throwing a wood board at Kinsey, prompting Kinsey to flee.

“I saw him hack up my friends and I was next, the wood board was the only thing I could hit him with. I threw it at him and then he just grinned at me and flew away. I will never forgot that evil grin for the rest of my life.” Ray told authorities.

Kinsey told police that his mind was clear at the time of the incidence and admitted that it was “like watching a movie”, perhaps a Rob Zombie movie. Kinsey was charged with two counts of capital murder.

Full Story: Arkansas News

**slight dramatization based on true events


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