Baby mama #1 runs over baby mama #2 with Lincoln Continental. A Maury Povich love triangle

A southwest Houston love triangle gone wrong, next on Maury.

baby mama#1

baby mama#1

Pregnant Baby Mama #1 Shareyll Hunter allegedly rammed Pregnant Baby Mama#2 Alise Kelley against a wall with a Lincoln Continental LS and then fled the scene. Chris Chaney, the sperm donor/father-of-the-year/baby mama specialist, to both women, as well as ex-boyfriend to baby mama#1 Hunter, to which he already fathered two other children, and now, officially dating baby mama#2, Kelley, described the event as “Two baby mamas going into it. One hits the other one and drove into the wall.”

According to Chaney, the two women started to argue, more than likely, about their pregnancies. He went on to say, “They just don’t like each other. I don’t know if its because of me or what. I mean I am handsome.” The argument heated up, Baby Mama#1 got into Chaney’s Lincoln, peeled out, and then rammed Baby Mama#2 against the wall, attempting to kill her, and then took off. Baby Mama #2’s baby survived the crash, however, both her legs were crushed and severely damaged, to the point of possible double leg amputation. Baby Mama #1 is still at large, last seen driving a beige Lincoln Continental LS with license plate TRSHSHE.

Just another average day in southwest Houston for Mr. Chris Chaney and a few of his Baby Mamas. I think we can all feel better about the situation, and think of this as an isolated incident of animosity between a couple of Chaney’s Baby Mamas, perhaps due to ranging hormones that occur during pregnancy. For the most part things are rather harmonious in Chaney’s clan of Baby Mamas, considering, Chaney treats all his Baby Mama’s the same and without favoritism, he admitted,”I mean, I can’t say. I feel the same about all my kids’ mamas. I don’t have favoritism. That’s why I live by myself. ”

So, how many Baby Mama’s does Mr. Chaney have? Next on Maury. And of course some paternity tests.

More detail telling of story: KTRK Houston

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