Drunken Wisconsin Man lands in jail after arguing that a man should have the right to love a goat

goat1After six beers, three glasses of Chardonnay, two Flaming Dr. Peppers, a couple of Jello shots, a few lines of coke,  a tab of acid, and a sip of an Old Fashioned, 41-year-old Waukesha, WI man Shaun Orris was not shy about disclosing his love of goats to the world. In fact, he belligerently and outlandishly argued that a man should have the constitutional right to bed a goat.

“Do you think it’s right to f#ck a goat? Do you think it is right to f#ck a goat?” Orris repeatedly asked  bar patrons.

“No!” The bar owner responded. “Now get the f#ck out of my bar you drunken goat loving son-of-a-bitch!”

Nonetheless, Orris refused to leave the bar, and continued to be a belligerent a$$hole bewildering and antagonizing bar patrons with the notion that a man should have the freedom to f#ck a goat. “I love f#cking goats, man.” Orris was heard saying. After numerous attempts to get Orris out of the bar, the bar owner had no choice but to get physical with Orris, consequently, roughing him up a bit as he escorted Orris out of the Montecito Lounge.

Orris then called Waukesha City Police to report that he was “battered and bloodied” at the Montecito because he was asking strangers if they believed in goat love. He went home, showered, and then returned back to the Montecito with a 5-inch pocket knife. Unfortunately for Orris, the cops were there waiting for him, seeing that he called him. He was arrested for carrying a concealed weapon, the 5-inch pocket knife he brought with him on his return to the bar, and for disorderly conduct.  Orris didn’t go quietly, it was reported that after his arrest he was heard screaming, repeatedly, “it is a constitutional right to have sex with a goat!”

I don’t think it is.

Full Goat Love Story:Waukesha Now

**slight dramatization based on true events