Enraged & Naked Southern Oregon Man goes on rampage attempts to rape wife and then kills lamb. Said he “was trying to be a man”

Leland-Scott-Kinkey__188719046-year-old Southern Oregon man, Leland Kinkey, was arrested for allegedly killing a lamb, and for beating and attempting to rape his wife. The suspect was found naked and covered in blood while running around screaming on his Eagle Point property by Jackson County Sheriff Deputies.

According to a witness, it all started when Kinkey became frustrated and irate after having mechanical problems with one of his cars. “He got real crazy after his car wouldn’t start. He started throwing sh#t, yelling, and tearing his clothes off. That’s when he ran inside and started attacking his wife.” Kinkey apparently wolfed out and ran into the house and attempted to rape his wife. Kinkey’s wife managed to escape the house with her kids, however, was caught by Kinkey as she was driving away in the family’s van. A witness reported,” I saw her and the kids run out of the house screaming as they got in the van, but Leland was right behind her. He grabbed her by the hair and yanked her out van. He started beating her and trying to rape her. Right there in front the kids. We decided to call the cops and step in.”

After the two witnesses managed to pull Kinkey off his wife, Kinkey grabbed the nearest lamb and slammed it against the car a few times, and when that wasn’t enough to kill it, he then broke its neck. “I was trying to be a man.” Kinkey later told police when questioned why he killed the innocent lamb. No word on why Kinkey took off all his clothes and tried to rape his wife multiple times. And why he was running around naked, screaming, while covered in blood. Maybe it was something he drank?

Kinkey was charged with kidnapping, attempted rape, and aggravated animal abuse with bail set at $1,025,000.

Full Story: KDRV Medford



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