Florida woman mails knife to kids with instructions to kill Grandparents

Leticia Silva

Leticia Silva

Florida woman, Leticia Silva, was arrested for allegedly mailing a knife to her two daughters with instructions to kill their grandparents (Silva’s ex-in-laws). The murder plot was foiled when the grandma found the knife under one of the girl’s pillows. The girls, ages 7 and 9 years old, confessed to authorities that their mom sent them the knife and told them to use the knife to murder their grandparents. Silva was charged with four counts of first-degree solicitation to commit murder.

Leticia Silva lost custody of her two daughters 7 years ago when she was sent to prison for possession of meth, subsequently the grandparents were granted full custody and have had them ever since. According to family and friends, the two parties have been engaged in an ugly custody battle the last couple years, in which Silva was determine to get her kids back. Apparently, Silva thought if her kids murdered the grandparents she would regain full custody of her kids. Genius idea.


Full story: WNCT NEWS

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