Florida mother and son arrested after family feud involving a frying pan, machete, and gun gets out of hand.

re-enactment of the Brothers Groggans family feud

re-enactment of the Brothers Groggans family feud

An early morning family feud involving twin brothers (Brothers Goggans) escalates into a machete threatening, frying pan swinging, shots fired situation, and an endearing mother’s attempt to cover-up the incident. Daniel Goggans was arrested for allegedly threatening his twin brother with a machete and a frying pan, as well as firing a gun at the ground. Lajuana Goggans (mother) was arrested for interfering with the investigation, and telling authorities that no shots were fired. Franklin Goggans ran off and is hiding in a nearby Hooters.

Daniel Goggans

Daniel Goggans

According to a witness, the two brothers might have been arguing about who had the better hair of the two. Daniel, the more sensitive and obviously more angry of the twins, was quickly angered by his brother’s claim of having better hair. According to a witness, the two were yelling at each other in the front yard when Daniel ran inside and then shortly returned swinging a frying pan at his brother. When Franklin didn’t back down, and still proclaimed he had better hair, Daniel returned back into the house and this time came back out with a machete yelling, “I’m going to cut you up!”. A little shaken, but remaining to hold his own, Franklin ignored the feeble threats, and still proclaimed better hair. Daniel finally had enough. He pulled out a gun and fired a warning shot at the ground. Franklin, scared out his mind, quickly ran off, and according to a neighbor, was yelling from afar, some say they could hear something about Franklin having the better hair.

Lajuana Goggins

Lajuana Goggans

When Flagler County Sheriff arrived on the scene Lajauna Goggans, the mother, attempted to fool them and claimed that no shots were fired, and that the hole in ground wasn’t from Daniel’s gun, and the casing wasn’t from his gun, and the fresh gun powder residue (GSR if you are a pro) on Daniel’s hand wasn’t from his gun, and Daniel’s gun has never been fired, and is not even a real gun. Unfortunately for Lajuana, Flagler County Sheriff’s finest CSI investigators were assigned to the high profile case and were not fooled.¬†Just another tuesday morning in paradise.

More accurate telling of story: CFnews Florida

***This post is a dramatization of an actual story. Things have been added for entertainment purposes. The witness is not real, and it is not official who has the better hair, or if even hair was an issue in their argument.


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