Florida’s own ‘Bucket List’ buddies busted for shoplifting beef jerky from Walmart. Admitted stealing beef jerky from Walmart was on their list

florida_buddiesIn Florida News: two women in their late-thirties were busted for allegedly shoplifting bathing suits and beef jerky from an Ocala area Walmart. According to police, Andrea Mobley and Jennifer Morrow admitted to the crime and told police that shoplifting beef jerky and bathing suits from a retail giant like Walmart was on a ‘bucket list” the two BFF’s made. Mobley told reporters that she was “ashamed” of the heinous crime and went on to say, “we are just two stupid women doing stupid things and totally too stupid to do a bucket list, come on we are from florida what did you expect?”

The two ‘bucket list’ buddies were charged with petty theft, had their mugshot taken at Marion County Jail, and by now, are probably out of jail, checking off some more wild and crazy things to do on their bucket list.

Full Story: Florida News


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