Louisiana Crawfish Bandit winded during big heist has trouble starting car in escape

Louisiana_williamsThe plan was simple: walk into a Thibodaux area grocery store, grab a few bags of peeled crawfish tails, run out, get into the car, and then get the hell out of dodge. However, for Eric Williams it wasn’t that simple. The 48-year-old aspiring crawfish bandit ran into a few obstacles he didn’t anticipate in his master, yet simple, plan.

According to a store employee, Williams casually entered the store, he made his way over to the freezer and grabbed a few bags of peeled crawfish tails, he then made a mad dash for the door, ran across the parking lot and jumped into his car.

“He grabbed a few bags of crawfish and then bolted through the doors. I ran after him telling him to stop. I found him in his car blowing on a machine type thing. Minutes went by and he was still in his car huffing and puffing. By that time a group of us were just watching, some were taking pictures and laughing. I told him just to give up and come back inside. It was pretty funny.” An employee told reporters.

Apparently, Williams had an ignition interlock device installed on his vehicle, which requires him to blow into the device in order for the car to start, these devices are usually mandated for people with multiple DUI convictions. Unfortunately for Williams, he was so out of breath from trying to flee the store he initially couldn’t provide enough breath to make the device operational. However, after a few minutes to catch his breath the bandit manage to start his car and finally fled the scene.

It didn’t take long for police to arrive at the criminal mastermind’s home. According to investigators, William’s denied any involvement in the crawfish heist, given that it couldn’t have been him since he was at work during the time of the incident.

He told police,”I don’t know any thang about some crawfish, besides it couldn’t have been me I was at work till 4:30.”

“Sir, it is not 4:30 yet.” The investigator responded.

“I’m getting too old for this sh#t.”

Williams was arrested for theft of goods and was booked at Lafourche Parish Detention Center.

Full Story: WWL News