New York man posing as an officer sneaks into NYC jail to hangout and sexually abuse inmates

New York MatagranoMatthew Matagrano has a weird obsession with jail. When Matagrano is not serving time in a New York State Prison, or is not out on the town hunting for young boys, Matagrano spends his time sneaking into jails, mingling with inmates, smoking cigs, and bullshitting with guards.

“I love jail culture, they give me food. They made me feel important.” Matagrano admitted to police.

The 37-year-old New Yorker was recently charged for groping and strip-searching an inmate inside a Manhattan Detention Center that he managed to sneak into by posing as an investigator. A quick flash of a phony gold badge is all it took for Matagrano to sneak past security.

According to investigators, Matagrano, posing as an investigator for the Intelligence Unit, visited multiple New York City lock-ups, including the notorious Rikers Island, in span of at least a week. Matagrano managed to spend hours mingling with inmates, handing out cigarettes, eating meals, and living the jail dream while pretending to be an investigator. During one of his visits to a Manhattan Detention Center, Matagrano took his weird masquerade a little too far, considering, he forced an inmate into a cell, made him strip, then pinned him up against a wall, grabbed his testicles and threatened the inmate.

“Don’t f#ck with me, I will hurt you.” Matagrano said to the inmate.

The impostor was finally caught and admitted to sneaking into multiple facilities around the New York City area, in addition, he expressed his utmost respect and admiration for all the men and women that work in corrections. Matagrano was charged with criminal impersonation, promoting prison contraband, possession of a forged instrument, and burglary as a sexually motivated felony.

This is the second time Matagrano has been charged with sneaking into jail, not to mention, he is also a convicted sex offender, and has spent time in-and-out of prison for a variety of other felonies. In conclusion, Matagrano likes being in jail, and luckily for him, he is now in jail without bail.

Full Story:NY Daily News