North Carolina women busted for trying to poison family with tainted cheese

NC_cheeseIn Cheese News: Tiara Drake, 24, of Nash County, North Carolina, was arrested for trying to poison five members of her family by lacing cheese with toxic household products. Her motive was pure velveeta revenge.

As the story goes, Tiara Drake just wanted a slice of cheese, unfortunately for Tiara, the cheese belonged to one of her family members, a very selfish one, apparently, and after multiple request for a single piece of cheese Tiara was denied. This selfishness and hoarding of cheese did not sit well with Tiara. In fact, Tiara decided to enact retribution and take out the whole family. While the family was sleeping and having cheddar cheese dreams Tiara was gathering toxic household products that would quickly kill someone if they were ingested.

To be ironical in her revenge, Tiara soaked the cheese that she was so bitterly denied earlier that day in household cleanser, Windex, and detergent. The next morning, Tiara’s  five family members made a delightful breakfast using the tainted cheese while Tiara stood in a corner eagerly watching. Unfortunately for Tiara, the five family members couldn’t help but notice that the cheese didn’t make everything better, rather it tasted like it was soaked in household cleanser, Windex, and detergent. One of the family members told police, “After I took a bite, I quickly spit  it out, then I stood up and said, ‘this cheese tastes like its been soaked in household cleanser, Windex, and detergent!’ I knew it wasn’t one of those fancy cheeses either, no sir.” No one died or got sick, but they all know who tainted the cheese. Tiara was charged with five counts of attempted first-degree murder, and again, was denied a simple slice of cheddar.

Full Story: ABC News