Oklahoma man found hiding in outhouse pleads guilty to peeping Tom charge

Ok_Kenneth EnlowYou may have heard of Kenneth Enlow. The 52-year-old Tulsa area man has been in all the papers and all over the web for sure.  Last month, Kenneth Enlow was caught hanging out in a septic tank underneath a Sand Springs public park restroom. Sounding familiar?

In fact, a woman and her 7-year-old daughter went to use a White Water Park women’s restroom  when they saw Kenneth hanging out below looking up at them through the toilet. “Oh hey guys!” Local firefighters managed to help Kenneth out of the septic tank and kindly hosed him off before he was arrested.

When asked what he was doing down in the septic tank below a women’s restroom, Kenneth told police that his girlfriend hit him over the head with a tire iron and dumped him in the toilet. Unfortunately for Kenneth, his story didn’t hold much weight, considering that his girlfriend died a year ago, and he showed no signs of injury to his head, not to mention how the hell would an older woman manage to put an unconscious Kenneth in a car, then drag his unconscious body across the parking lot, through the park, and then stuff him inside a toilet. Yep, Kenneth is full of sh#t.

Kenneth pled guilty to the peeping Tom charge and was recently sentenced to one year in the Tulsa County Jail and fined $5,000.

Full Story: Tulsa World

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