Oklahoma woman that had sex with her cat threatened neighbor with knife, apparently the neighbor wasn’t suppose to tell everybody she had sex with her cat

A Portrait of a Cat Lady as a Young Woman

A Portrait of a Cat Lady as a Young Woman

23-year-old Kristina Brown of Oklahoma City, OK has a secret; she had sex with her cat. Why she told her neighbor that she had sex with her cat is beyond me. All I know is she told her neighbor that she fornicated with her feline friend, and in turn, her neighbor told some people, and those people told some other people, and eventually the confiding confessional came back to haunt her resulting in some unwelcome repercussions. Shame and embarrassment. Anger and malevolence.

According to reports, Kristina Brown walked to the fence that bordered her property and the neighbor, and called her neighbor out, “Come outside! Get the f#ck out her!”

The neighbor yielded to her frivolous demand, and went outside. Brown confronted the neighbor regarding the sex with the cat thing, produced a silver pocket knifeĀ and yelled, “Do you wanna die?” The neighbor walked back into his house and called the police.

Brown was apprehended at her house, and told the arresting officers that she was angry at her neighbor for what he did to her.

“What did he do to you?” the officer asked.

“He told everybody I had sex with my cat.” Brown responded.

“Well did you…have sex with your cat?” The officer asked.

“Yes.” Brown said.


Brown was charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and was booked at theĀ Oklahoma County jail. And now everyone knows that she had sex with her cat.

Moral of the story: If you have sex with your cat don’t tell anybody.

Full Story:News Oklahoma City

*dramatization of dialogue based on true events


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