Pennsylvania Couple claim ‘Worst Parents in the World’ title. Oddly enough, arrested for claiming the coveted title

A Real Parenting Dream Team

James and Roxanne Murphy of York, Pennsylvania, might be considered the worst parents on the planet. Last week, the Parent Dream Team was charged with child endangering, assault, giving alcohol to a minor, child pornography, and a few other things, 27 criminal counts in total.

The secret and f#cked up world of the Murphy family came to light last December when Springettsbury Township Police received a 911 call from the Murphy’s 13 year-old boy reporting that he and his siblings were home alone getting wasted off alcohol. When officers arrived at the Murphy’s home they discovered all five kids were wasted, empty beer bottles in the trash can, as well as a loaded rifle on the living room floor.

The children told police that their parents went to Walmart and told them either to get drunk off beer or take sleeping pills while they were out. Apparently, they went with the former.  The oldest, at 19 years-old, was heard screaming outside in a drunken rage and admitted to police that he was considering suicide, thus the loaded rifle on the living room floor. The 12-year-old girl was found screaming in pain in which she told police that her father dragged her and threw her against the wall and kicked her a few times, resulting in a few broken ribs. The 9-year-old reported that he was smacked roughly 20 times which led to black eyes, not to mention, his father threatened his life if ever told anybody of the incident. The 13-year-old that made the 911 call also reported to police that his father forced him to put an adult toy down his pants while his father took pictures with his phone. In addition, the kids told the police that their parents were always beating them and forcing them to do weird sh#t. Not to mention, the list just keeps going on, that their parents were into child porn. When the house was searched several videos and images depicted child porn was found. Of course.

And if that wasn’t bad enough police reported that the house smelled like sh#t and the Murphy’s apparently had a zoo inside their house that included 50 snakes, lizards, rats, rabbits, birds, a cat, a dog, and even a pot-belly pig. The children, aged  9, 12, 13, 15 and 19 years were taken to a local hospital for evaluation as well as put into protective custody by York County Children and Youth Services.

“They are all a bunch of dirty little liars. Those little brats are liars!” Roxanne Murphy was heard saying as police took her down to the station.

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