Texas Man busted for romancing the same horse twice. It might be love.

texas_castilloCirilo Castillo of Hildalgo County, Texas, was recently arrested for allegedly having sex with a horse.  This is the second time in two years the 43-year-old Texas man has been arrested for having sex with the same horse, named Nadia. Last year, Castillo was arrested for his alleged affair with Nadia and spent a few months in jail over the whole ordeal.

Unfortunately, jail time didn’t deter Castillo from continuing his affair with the mare, last week Castillo was caught on surveillance video breaking into his neighbor’s corral and having sexual relations with Nadia. “I love that horse. I would never do anything to hurt Nadia.” Castillo was heard saying while being booked. According to the sheriff, “Castillo is relatively harmless except for the fact that he can’t stop f#cking the neighbor’s horse.” He went on to say, “I mean he is a great guy except for that bestiality thing, no seriously he is model citizen, except that he can’t keep his dick out of that horse.”

Castillo was charged with trespassing and cruelty to animals. Apparently, in Texas, there is no law against bestiality, so if you treat them gently and on your property you are golden.

Full Story: Huff Post


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