Washington Man wearing prosthetic breasts, no pants, and high on Meth crashes into multiple cars on highway with his two daughters in the car

wash_meth crashJonathan Harty of Lake Stevens, WA was arrested for allegedly crashing into multiple cars on I-5 while driving high on methamphetamine and while his two young daughters were in the backseat. Not to mention, Harty was found half-naked wearing only a women’s blouse, and, ironically, prosthetic breasts. And a pair of women’s underwear were found on the floor of the car as well as a full bottle of urine.

According to investigators, little is known about the events leading up to Harty’s under-the-influence erratic driving rampage on I-5 that ended in Harty hitting three vehicles and then plowing his Chrysler Sebring into a barrier off the interstate while his two kids were buckled-up in the back. All they really know is that Harty put his two daughters, ages 4 and 6, in his car around 11:30pm and told them they were going to the Dollar Store to buy some toys. ¬†Some time later he was seen driving at speeds up to 100mph weaving in and out of traffic, hit three moving cars and then ran off the highway, thus colliding with a barrier. Troopers first on the scene reported that Harty exhibited extreme signs of being under the influence of a controlled substance and appeared abnormally sweaty. In addition, Harty told the arresting officer that he was having a dream that he was just in a car crash.

No word regarding why Harty was high as f#ck driving like a mad man down the highway, half-naked, wearing only a women’s blouse with prosthetic¬†breasts underneath, with a full bottle of urine at his side as well as a pair women panties on the floor, while his two young daughters were in the car.

One big drug infused black out.

Harty was charged with vehicular assault, felony hit and run, and reckless endangerment. Harty has two prior DUIs and was charged with additional count of hit and run from a prior incident in April. Harty will be in King County Jail if you would like to talk him and find out what the f#ck happened that night.

Full story: KOMO News Seattle



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