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Florida man angry at his wife arrested after planting a hoax bomb on table with note

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florida_bombguyMeet Randolph Smith of Vero Beach, Florida. Randolph is 51 years old, currently going through a divorce and is pissed off at his wife (soon to be ex-wife). Randolph is so pissed at his wife that he planted a fake pipe bomb on a table along with a few hand-written notes scribbled in red pen.

This is a explosive. Its a bomb.” Randolph scribbled on a piece a paper.

florida_bombBoom.” He scribbled in red on the counter underneath the fake bomb.

Randolph’s wife notified police immediately upon discovering the bomb and threatening notes. The Bomb squad was called in and they determined that the bomb was a fake and contained no explosive substances, however it did closely resemble a live pipe bomb.

Randolph was tracked down by police at a local Burger King. When officers asked why he planted a fake bomb for his wife to find, Randolph responded, “She pissed me off. What, is that illegal?”


Randolph was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, planting a hoax bomb, and resisting arrest.

Full Story: WPBF NEWS

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Florida woman arrested after she repeatedly called 911 to report too much drinking going on at neighborhood bar

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58-year-old Florida woman, Mary Jaggers, was arrested after she allegedly called 911 multiple times (6 times) to report that people were drinking too much down at her neighborhood bar, Artie’s Sportsman Lounge.

*911 dispatcher transcript of one of the calls:

Dispatcher: Hollywood Police Department. What’s the emergency?

Jaggers: Everyone is getting drunk!

Dispatcher: Ma’am, what is the emergency?

Jaggers: They are drinking too much!

Dispatcher: Who is drinking too much?

Jaggers: Everyone.

Dispatcher: Ma’am, where are you?

Jaggers: I see drunk people, they’re everywhere!

Dispatcher: Where are you?

Jaggers: Artie’s Sportsman Lounge.

Dispacter: The sports bar in Hollywood.

Jaggers: Yes. Help me!

Dispatcher: Ma’am stop calling.


After calling 911 six times trying to get her fellow bar patrons arrested Jaggers was eventually arrested herself and was charged with misusing emergency 911 system as well as charged with drug possession after investigators found hydrocodone pills her pockets.   Jaggers was ordered by the Judge to stay away from Artie’s and stay off the booze.

Only in Florida.

Full Story: Local 10

**Transcript is dramatization based on true events

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Ohio man sentence to 11-months in prison for having sex with a floatie

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Ohio_TobergtaEverybody’s got a thing. For 34-year-old Edwin Tobergta of Butler County, Ohio, that thing is to make sweet love to pink rubber pool floaties in public. Unfortunately for Tobergta, having sex with an inflatable floatational device will sometimes get you in a little bit of trouble, especially if you prefer to have sex with your neighbor’s floatie, outside on your back porch, with your pants down, and in front of a bunch of kids. Tobergta was caught just doing that and was arrested.

Incidentally, this isn’t the first time the obvious Rubberist has been caught romancing his neighbors’s pool toy. Back in 2011, Tobertgta was caught with his pants down bumping ‘n grinding with the same pink floatie in an alleyway near his apartment. Not to mention, in 2002, Tobertgta was accused of romancing a neighbor’s inflatable pumpkin. Tobertgta has been charged with public indecency on numerous occasions, subsequently serving at least one year in jail for his love of rubber inflatables.

Tobergta plead guilty to the public indecency charge and was sentenced to 11 months in prison. No word if Mr. Tobergra will be able to receive conjugal visits by his beloved pumped-up inanimate buoyant pink pool toy.

Full Story:WLWT

*Article: Updated Post

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Missouri man places Craigslist ad looking for someone to rape and beat his 11-year-old daughter

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missouri_cLThere’s what’s sick and there’s what’s sick and then there’s 32-year-old Missouri man, Anthony Brinkman. Anthony Brinkman was arrested for posting ad on Craigslist in the hopes of finding a stranger to beat and rape his 11-year-old daughter while he watched.

According to an officer investigating the case, Brinkman’s ad soliciting someone to beat and rape his 11-year-old while he watched was picked up by an officer monitoring the internet looking for sexual predators. The undercover officer replied to Brinkman’s Craigslist ad, and the two began to exchange emails. In one of those exchanges Brinkman sent the undercover officer pictures of his daughter as well as links to pics of the 11-year-old the suspect posted online. Brinkman and the undercover officer, which Brinkman presumed was a woman,  agreed to meet at a certain time and location—at a Cracker Barrel in St. Louis, roughly 80 miles from Brinkman’s home.

Brinkman was arrested on the spot by the St. Louis County Police as soon  as he pulled into the local Cracker Barrel. (No word if Chris Hanson was on location). The suspect admitted to placing the ad and also admitted that he may have child pornography at his home.

“Sir, why did you bring your 11-year-old  daughter with you a Cracker Barrel 80 miles away from your address, who were you expecting to meet? Officer asked Brinkman.

“I don’t know, I thought I was meeting a women that was interested in using sex toys on my daughter.” Brinkman responded.

The 32-year-old Missouri man was charged with attempted statutory sodomy, however additional charges against Brinkman are not out the question. The County Prosecutors  are seeking an additional charge of sex trafficking of a minor.

Full Story: KSDK

Other Odd Crimes involving Craigslist: New York man busted for trying to sell a baby on Craigslist & Houston mother puts 3-year-old son up for adoption on Craigslist. Zero Rehoming Fee

**dialogue dramatization based on true events.

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Tennessee couple arrested for renting out their underage daughters to perform in porn videos

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tenn_mcCallsMeet Johnson City, Tennessee’s very own Connie Sue and Ronnie Lee McCall. You may have heard about the McCalls on the local news or various online news organizations over the past couple of weeks. The aspiring entrepreneurial and pro-bath salts couple have recently made a name for themselves as possible front runners for the coveted title of parents-of-the-year as well as the new poster child of the drug known as “bath salts.”  

The couple was arrested a few weeks ago for renting out their underage daughters (current ages 12, 15, 17) to perform in pornographic videos, technically child porn videos, considering the fact that all the girls are under 18, and may have been as young as 9-years-old when the McCalls started renting their kids out for sex.  The McCalls exploited and profited off their young children for more than two years while their daughters were shuffled around to different locations  forced to perform sex acts with creepy, strange men while being filmed.

In addition, to the child pornography charges the McCalls were slapped with child neglect charges after the couple’s  fourth and youngest daughter (5-years-old),  was found with black teeth, head and body lice, flea bites and ringworm in the couple’s trailer, which investigators  deemed the conditions as “horrifically unsanitary” and “extremely deplorable.”

Nothing good ever seems to happen when “bath salts” are involved, and this case is no exception. The McCalls face at least 30 years in prison if convicted. All four girls are now in custody of child protective services. One creepy and strange man that paid the McCalls to have sex with one of their daughters and film it has reportedly killed himself.


Full Story: NY Daily News

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Polish woman attempts to create “Frankenstein dog” using dead and live cats and dogs

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frankensteinAll Hallows’ Eve.

A woman scientist in Warsaw, Poland was arrested after police found over 100 dead animals in multiple freezers  as well as 72 malnourished cats roaming around inside the home in their own feces. The gruesome scene was uncovered by police after a few locals complained of foul orders and odd noises coming from the scientist woman’s resident.

According to police, the woman was obsessed with creating a new breed of dog,  a real-life “Frankenstein Dog”, by experimented on dead and live dogs. However, after multiple failed attempts at creating a living “Frankenstein Dog” from dog parts she decided to switch to cats.

Unfortunately, the woman mad scientist was arrested before she got a chance to scream in all her glory, “It’s alive! It’s alive, it’s alive, it’s alive! It’s ALIVE!” for her new breed of cat made out of a bunch cat parts.  All that remains of her “Franken Cat” experiment is 100 frozen cats that look like they have been cut up and experimented on, 72 starving cats, and house full of cat sh#t.

The woman was charged with animal cruelty and using cats and dogs for illegal experiments, which holds a maximum sentence of two years in prison and a lifetime ban from keeping animals.


Full Story: Daily Mail

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Texas mother rips son’s scrotum and then tries to mend the wound with superglue

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texas_scrot34-year-old San Antonio woman, Jennifer Marie Vargas, was recently arrested for allegedly ripping her 6-year-old son’s scrotum and then trying to repair it with superglue.

Vargas admitted to grabbing her young son’s junk as hard as she could causing a 4-centimeter laceration on her son’s scrotum. She then attempted to clean the wound with alcohol and then applied superglue to patch the hole until it stopped bleeding. She stuffed the boy’s underwear with paper towels and then sent him off to bed.

When her husband arrived home he noticed his son was crying upstairs. When he went upstairs to investigate the issue he noticed his son had blood soaked paper towels stuffed in his underwear.

“Why is our son crying and why does he have bloody paper-towels stuffed in his underoos?” The husband asked.

“There was accident.” Vargas responded.

“What kind of accident?” The husband asked.

“I yanked on his thing a little too hard and ripped his sack, it caused some bleeding.” Vargas responded.

“Why would you do that?”

“I was angry.”

“WTF? Why didn’t you take him to the hospital?”

“I used superglue, he is fine.”

Jennifer Marie Vargas was arrested by the FBI and charged with assault causing serious bodily injury. The boy underwent surgery to repair the damage, and is now in the custody of his father.

Full Story: San Antonio News

**dialogue is dramatization based on true events

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Oregon man busted for aiming laser pointer at commercial airliners

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PDX_bukocsMeet 39-year-old Stephen Bukocs. Bukocs is a private security guard that lives in Portland, Oregon. Bukocs enjoys popping pain killers, collecting guns, and more interestingly, really likes to aim a green laser pointer at commercial airliners as they fly over his northeast Portland home, near the airport.

Bukocs was recently arrested for allegedly aiming a green laser pointer at a United and JetBlue commercial aircraft last week. In addition, he admitted to the authorities that he has pointed his long range green laser at commercial airliners flying overhead at least twenty-five times.

“Why does a 39-year-old man point a laser at planes?” Detective asked Bukucs.

“For the excitement.” Bukocs responded.

“You know pointing a laser at a plane can temporary blind the pilots and lead to a plane crash, right?” Detective asked.

“Yes.” Bukocs responded.

“Why are you such a dick?”

Bukocs was ordered by the federal court to undergo a mental health evaluation due to his documented pain killer addiction, and obviously, for his odd fascination with aiming a green laser at airplanes. He pleaded not guilty and was released from custody.

Full Story: KATU

**dialogue is dramatization based on true events

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Papua New Guinea man arrested for cannibalism after going vampire on 3-year-old daughter

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papua newMeet Papua New Guinea man Rex Eric. Rex was recently arrested after he sucked the blood and life out of the neck of his 3-year-old daughter. Locals refer to the man as the “Vampire Father” and suspect that he is possessed by an evil spirit.

Apparently, to think one is possessed is not uncommon down in Papa New Guinea, considering in remote areas of the Oceania country many still believe and practice sorcery, witchcraft, and black magic, not to mention, cannibalism. Which leads me to conclude that a guy going around sucking blood and eating flesh like a vampire probably isn’t that big of deal down there.

As the story goes, a woman and her 3-year-old daughter went to visit the Vampire Father at the Arnotts compound. Once they arrived the Vamp Father grabbed the little girl and scurried off to the bushes. It was in the bushes that the Vamp Father savagely tore into his young daughter’s neck eating her flesh and drinking her blood until she died. Two boys on top of a coconut tree, monkeying around, witnessed the horrific act of the Vamp Father voraciously sucking the blood out of his helpless daughter in the bushes, “He looked up at us in the tree a few times and just laughed. Then he just continued eating the little girl like we weren’t there. That’s when we got scared and went for help.” One of the boys told police.

The Vamp Father dumped the body in the bushes and fled the scene before local police arrived. However, he was caught by mob of villagers while running in the direction of the church seminary, and the mob then handed over to police.

Rex Eric (Vampire Father) was charged with cannibalism and murder. Unfortunately the 3-year-old didn’t survive the gruesome attack, however this is Papua New Guinea, so there might be a chance that she may have turned into a vampire herself. Stay tuned…

Full Story: Daily Mail

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Mexican man arrested for padlocking his girlfriend to prevent her from cheating

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mexico_padlockEverybody’s got a thing. For a 40-year-old unnamed man in Veracruz, Mexico his thing is to padlock his girlfriend’s blue jeans to prevent her from engaging in sex with other men. He locks in this poor man version of a chastity belt so tight that his girlfriend has no chance at taking her jeans off and fornicating with another hombre in town, not to mention it also prevents her from taking her pants off to use the restroom. Pending on how long he padlocks her up I can foresee this being an issue. And it looks like it has become one.

Recently, the 25-year-old girlfriend with the padlocked jeans got herself in a situation where she had to go the bathroom but couldn’t take off her pants. She was in such extreme pain from being unable to relieve herself that she said “f#ck it” and went to the local authorities. She told authorities that her boyfriend has been padlocking her pants for years because he is afraid she will cheat on him if her pants aren’t locked up.

“Well would you, cheat on him if your pants weren’t padlocked?” Policía asked.

“Si.” She responded.

“Why not just cut them off with scissors?” Policía asked.

“Demasiado miedo! (too scared)” She responded.

Police arrested the 40-year-old boyfriend. He admitted to padlocking his girlfriend as well as provided them with the key to unlock the padlock. He was initially charged with a misdemeanor, however since the girlfriend refused to press charges after he was detained the 40-year-old man was released. Nevertheless, he did have to sign a statement promising that he would never use a padlock again on his girlfriend or partake in abuse toward her ever again.

Full Story: Orlando Sentinel

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